Meet the Artist in Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie Curtis! I thought I’d just go on a random tangent about myself since this is my first post…

This isn’t my first blog, but I’m hoping it will be a successful one. I tried once before to keep a blog going, but since I’m easily distracted, that sort of went nowhere. I decided to start a new blog however, because my wonderful guitar teacher, Ken hired me to update the blog for his studio in North Reading. I love writing, so I decided to try again to start my own personal blog.

Well, as you probably guessed from the title, I’m an artist – in a sense. I play guitar, ukulele and an african drum, the name of which I can’t spell. I also sing and I’m a proud alto! I took singing lessons for a little over a year, and my teacher actually told me to stop trying to sing like a guy. I still sometimes think I can sing lower than I actually can or should. I’ve been writing my own music for who knows how long. I’ve been playing for a little over four years, so I’d say I’ve been writing for two and half of those years.

I also love writing in pretty much every genre. I took a class this spring that focused on creative writing. I had to write a short story, a one act play, several poems, a non-fiction article and a short memoir. I really liked how open the assignments were. It was pretty much go-play-have fun.

I’ve kept a journal for a couple years now, but I don’t write nearly as frequently as I used to. It’s full of all my teenage angst and I don’t even want to go back and read it because it would probably disgust me. Part of the reason I’m starting this blog is even though it has been very helpful to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper, my hope is that it will be more helpful to know that I am sharing my thoughts and feelings with other people. I assure you – everyone and anyone who reads this – it won’t be a sob story. I hope I can be interesting and entertaining.

Well, it’s 1: 59 AM now, so I suppose that will be it for tonight.

Goodnight everyone, I will write again soon! 🙂



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