Ok, I Lied…

Well guys, let’s face it. It’s summer time. I can sleep in. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia, which ironically, I believe is triggered by staying up too late in the first place.

After I posted my last entry I went on addicting games.com to play a game called Line Bounder. I don’t actually play it the way you’re supposed to though. The point of the game is to get from one side of the board to the other in as few moves as possible. You do so by clicking on the corners of squares, thus drawing lines. The computer also draws lines in the same fashion, and tries to get into your goal area. I on the other hand try to see how many moves I can take before the computer commits suicide by fleeing into a corner where it becomes impossible to move. My record is somewhere close to 400 moves.

While I was playing the game I was thinking about the name of my blog “flyinguineapig” because there is actually an amusing story behind it… I had a guinea pig for five or six years and I loved her to pieces. She was so darn cute. Her name was Panda. Anyway, GUINEA PIG sort of became a part of my persona.

I have a habit of going on random tangents, so one day I went on a tangent to my friend about how it would be awesome if a mad scientist could cross the DNA of a parakeet and a guinea pig, thus creating a FLYING GUINEA PIG! My friend suggested I make FLYING GUINEA PIG into a character and make guitar picks or T-shirts or something to sell to go along with it. You know something? It might not actually be that crazy an idea!


One thought on “Ok, I Lied…

  1. It’s not crazy at all, quite the contrary. It’s brilliant and what a way to keep Panda’s spirit alive!!!! I love smart women!! You go girl 🙂

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