Last night we went to my cousin Stevie’s college graduation dinner and my mom embarrassed the crap out of him by buying a graduation cap from Wal-Mart and had everyone sign it. Then she made him wear it while she took pictures. The best part about it was, I wasn’t the one being shot at. I’m quite camera shy. Well Stevie was sitting next to me, and we spent the entire dinner engaging in mostly-civilized conversation and reminiscing about when we were little kids. Of course Stevie was never really “little” to me. He was nine when I was born. Towards the end of the dinner, my aunt (his mom) and my cousin Noah arrived, at which point I proceeded to annoy Noah, who was sitting on the other side of me. A few minutes before we were going to leave, I started nudging Stevie in the shoulder and repeating “I’m bothering you; I’m bothering you; I’m bothering you….” At this point Stevie pointed out that everything I know about being annoying I’ve learned from him. I said, “Oh, trust me, I know… whenever I’m annoying Nicholas (my cousin who is nine years younger than me and my mom’s other sister’s son) I think, ‘I remember Stevie doing this to me!’”

Nicholas is a sports fanatic, and I think he’ll be in camps a lot this summer, but this week he’s at my family’s house during the day. Noah is on summer vacation now as well, so he is sleeping over until Friday or Saturday. Nicholas is 10, Noah is 12 and my brother Sam is 16. We’ll see how well I survive in a house full of boys! The funny thing is, I get along with these guys very well. My brother and I recently acquired a Play Station 2 to play all the old games that we liked, such as Star Wars Battle Front 2. This was at least 50% my idea. We also recently got a game called Amnesia the Dark Dissent, which is a horror game for the PC. I may over react, but I think it’s really scary! We played it until late last night and of course I had trouble falling asleep. Noah of course fell asleep WHILE WE WERE PLAYING!

The funny thing is we really have two groups of cousins that we hang out with a lot. On my mom’s side it’s me, Sam Noah and Nicholas. On my Dad’s side it’s Amber, me, Gretchen and Sam. Amber and Gretchen are sisters. My dad only has one sister, so they’re my only cousins on his side. Interestingly, I don’t mind hanging out with all the guys, and Sam doesn’t seem to mind hanging out with all the girls. I suppose it’s because the guys are pretty mature for their ages and are kind of nerdy, and the girls aren’t very “girly” at all. In fact, we’re pretty nerdy too.

The best part of the year is when we all go camping for ten days or so on Sebago Lake in Maine. Camping always seems to have a theme. A couple years ago the theme was “How to whine.” Last year the theme was “Smart People Doing Stupid Things.” We never plan on having a theme. It just seems to happen. I suppose a subtitle to camping would be “Singing In the Rain.” I don’t know if “rain days” are the best or the worst of camping. They’re certainly the loudest. I think the boredom and the wetness make everyone a little crazy. Swimming in the rain is always fun, as long as it’s worm enough. Lately it’s been a little chilly at camp. A few years ago we had a terrible summer, except for the week we were in Maine. For that week alone it was in the eighties or nineties and sunny.

Well, I’m hungry, and as my hunger increases, my attention span rapidly decreases, so that’s it for now!


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