How To Kill Time

The internet can be very interesting, helpful, fun, social and amusing, but it can also be a murderous maniac on a blind rampage seeking to kill time. The internet does this in a very crafty way. It has something for everyone, and therefore, brings in the largest group of people possible. There is social networking like Facebook, Twitter and others. There is music and video sharing on sites such as YouTube. There are forums that cater to nearly every interest, activity and point of view.

Using these kinds of sites can be very helpful and fun. However, I have also found it a monumental waste of time when not used properly. I like so many others have fallen prey to the lure of the internet. This is mainly due to the fact that, unlike text messaging or calling someone on the phone, waiting for an email or a reply on a social networking site or forum can take hours if not days.

While waiting for answers, it can be very tempting to waste time on an online game or an arbitrary task such as sending inane text messages to friends or checking every single site you’ve made a profile on. Unfortunately, internet addiction is a real and dangerous thing.

Blogging I find, is actually very helpful in avoiding wasting time. Of course I wait for answers, but one has to remind oneself that most of the conversations one has online are realistically, inconsequential and the world won’t end if a random stranger doesn’t get back to you. I find blogging helpful, because I write an entry and I leave. I don’t feel obligated to reply to someone else, and I don’t expect many people if any to reply to my posts. Let’s face it, they’re long and rambly. It is also true that a blog is not meant to be a conversation. I personally feel that a blog is a one way road. I do feel that is polite to reply to conversations in a timely manner, however, I feel it is best to do it at one’s own convenience.

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