Open Mic Night

Tomorrow night my friend and I are going to Salem to play an open mic. We’ve played together a couple times before, and we’ve actually made a few dollars from passers-by on the street near an ice cream place. We’ll be playing a four or five song set. Another friend of mine is the feature performer tomorrow night, but he’ll be playing alone. I’m hopefully going to interview him for my music studio’s blog. He is one of the teachers there (I’m just a student who updates the blog), and I’d like to feature an instructor and a student once every month or so. It should be a good time for everybody. I’ll be playing electric and the friend who’s coming with me will be playing acoustic guitar, and we’ll both be singing.

The funny thing is, I don’t know the lyrics to any of the songs she’ll be singing, and she doesn’t know the lyrics to the one’s I’ll be singing. I just play lead guitar and we call it good. Unfortunately, we won’t be playing any of my originals either. My friend doesn’t write her own music, but I write a lot. I enjoy playing my own music somewhat more than covers. I suppose that is to be expected. We won’t be playing any worship music either, which I enjoy immensely. I’m sure she’d be fine with playing that kind of stuff, but we just happened to not pick any worship songs. We chose the songs we did because they were easy to adapt to two voices and two guitars. We’ll be practicing tonight, so perhaps we can substitute a worship song for one of the others. I have two in mind that might work. “By Your Side” by Tenth Avenue North, and “I Don’t Care,” which is an original. I don’t mind if we stick to the set we have though.

My cousins are also coming tomorrow night, which I am very excited about. My cousin, Gretchen might be sleeping over as well. We just had a pretty funny text conversation. I warned her that I’ve been staying up very late in the past week or so, and she said “So have I. I’ve been up partying (translated into normal people terms: I’ve been doing puzzles.)” I responded that I’ve been up reading. My family is so rowdy. šŸ™‚

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