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Last night we went to my cousin Stevie’s college graduation dinner and my mom embarrassed the crap out of him by buying a graduation cap from Wal-Mart and had everyone sign it. Then she made him wear it while she took pictures. The best part about it was, I wasn’t the one being shot at. I’m quite camera shy. Well Stevie was sitting next to me, and we spent the entire dinner engaging in mostly-civilized conversation and reminiscing about when we were little kids. Of course Stevie was never really “little” to me. He was nine when I was born. Towards the end of the dinner, my aunt (his mom) and my cousin Noah arrived, at which point I proceeded to annoy Noah, who was sitting on the other side of me. A few minutes before we were going to leave, I started nudging Stevie in the shoulder and repeating “I’m bothering you; I’m bothering you; I’m bothering you….” At this point Stevie pointed out that everything I know about being annoying I’ve learned from him. I said, “Oh, trust me, I know… whenever I’m annoying Nicholas (my cousin who is nine years younger than me and my mom’s other sister’s son) I think, ‘I remember Stevie doing this to me!’”

Nicholas is a sports fanatic, and I think he’ll be in camps a lot this summer, but this week he’s at my family’s house during the day. Noah is on summer vacation now as well, so he is sleeping over until Friday or Saturday. Nicholas is 10, Noah is 12 and my brother Sam is 16. We’ll see how well I survive in a house full of boys! The funny thing is, I get along with these guys very well. My brother and I recently acquired a Play Station 2 to play all the old games that we liked, such as Star Wars Battle Front 2. This was at least 50% my idea. We also recently got a game called Amnesia the Dark Dissent, which is a horror game for the PC. I may over react, but I think it’s really scary! We played it until late last night and of course I had trouble falling asleep. Noah of course fell asleep WHILE WE WERE PLAYING!

The funny thing is we really have two groups of cousins that we hang out with a lot. On my mom’s side it’s me, Sam Noah and Nicholas. On my Dad’s side it’s Amber, me, Gretchen and Sam. Amber and Gretchen are sisters. My dad only has one sister, so they’re my only cousins on his side. Interestingly, I don’t mind hanging out with all the guys, and Sam doesn’t seem to mind hanging out with all the girls. I suppose it’s because the guys are pretty mature for their ages and are kind of nerdy, and the girls aren’t very “girly” at all. In fact, we’re pretty nerdy too.

The best part of the year is when we all go camping for ten days or so on Sebago Lake in Maine. Camping always seems to have a theme. A couple years ago the theme was “How to whine.” Last year the theme was “Smart People Doing Stupid Things.” We never plan on having a theme. It just seems to happen. I suppose a subtitle to camping would be “Singing In the Rain.” I don’t know if “rain days” are the best or the worst of camping. They’re certainly the loudest. I think the boredom and the wetness make everyone a little crazy. Swimming in the rain is always fun, as long as it’s worm enough. Lately it’s been a little chilly at camp. A few years ago we had a terrible summer, except for the week we were in Maine. For that week alone it was in the eighties or nineties and sunny.

Well, I’m hungry, and as my hunger increases, my attention span rapidly decreases, so that’s it for now!


I was sitting at my computer, eating a Klondike bar, and of course the question “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” came to mind. I decided I really wouldn’t do much for a Klondike bar. They’re good, but they’re not really worth a whole lot of effort. In fact, doesn’t eating ice cream bring about the general idea of being lazy and enjoying yourself?

However, thinking about that question made me think about cliches. It brought up a few questions for me. Can newer things like smart phone apps be cliche? can religion be cliche? If so, what does that mean? Does it mean anything? I tend to think it doesn’t. As a Christian in a mostly non-Christian group of friends, I’ve noticed that sometimes religion, in particular Christianity can be lame and even annoying to other people at times. I’m not sure why that is, but I’ve noticed that if I don’t let it bother me, it actually seems to become less so to my friends.

I’ve noticed something else as well. When I first became a Christian I found it difficult to mix my religion with other parts of my life. After a while however, it seemed that God had and of course still has a part to play in every aspect of my life, whether directly or not.

Thinking more about cliches in general, I’ve noticed that I’m prone to them. For example, in high school I found that I was in a way, your stereotypical nerd. I wasn’t taking all the hardest classes or anything, but I was taking difficult ones, and often it happened that I would have to abandon my friends on the weekends to finish homework projects. More often than not, I would also be found studying for yet another gargantuan history test at the lunch table while my friends talked about sports or video games. And of course I was single throughout my high school career, which also seemed a part of the nerd persona to me.

The school cafeteria was in itself another cliche. The food was terrible. The only thing worth eating was the pizza, which really wasn’t very good. For two years of my life I ate bad pizza every day for lunch. In my sophomore year of high school, I actually attempted to write a satirical article about the food for my english class. It turned out to be more sarcastic than satirical, but it made me feel good.

I’m wondering if stereotypical and cliche are the same. One definition says that stereotypical means lacking originality or individuality. It also says that cliche is ordinary or obvious. They seem very similar, if not the same. I suppose as an english major, it’s probably stereotypical of me to be pondering the nature of cliche.

Well. that’s it for now. 🙂

Ok, I Lied…

Well guys, let’s face it. It’s summer time. I can sleep in. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia, which ironically, I believe is triggered by staying up too late in the first place.

After I posted my last entry I went on addicting to play a game called Line Bounder. I don’t actually play it the way you’re supposed to though. The point of the game is to get from one side of the board to the other in as few moves as possible. You do so by clicking on the corners of squares, thus drawing lines. The computer also draws lines in the same fashion, and tries to get into your goal area. I on the other hand try to see how many moves I can take before the computer commits suicide by fleeing into a corner where it becomes impossible to move. My record is somewhere close to 400 moves.

While I was playing the game I was thinking about the name of my blog “flyinguineapig” because there is actually an amusing story behind it… I had a guinea pig for five or six years and I loved her to pieces. She was so darn cute. Her name was Panda. Anyway, GUINEA PIG sort of became a part of my persona.

I have a habit of going on random tangents, so one day I went on a tangent to my friend about how it would be awesome if a mad scientist could cross the DNA of a parakeet and a guinea pig, thus creating a FLYING GUINEA PIG! My friend suggested I make FLYING GUINEA PIG into a character and make guitar picks or T-shirts or something to sell to go along with it. You know something? It might not actually be that crazy an idea!

Meet the Artist in Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Katie Curtis! I thought I’d just go on a random tangent about myself since this is my first post…

This isn’t my first blog, but I’m hoping it will be a successful one. I tried once before to keep a blog going, but since I’m easily distracted, that sort of went nowhere. I decided to start a new blog however, because my wonderful guitar teacher, Ken hired me to update the blog for his studio in North Reading. I love writing, so I decided to try again to start my own personal blog.

Well, as you probably guessed from the title, I’m an artist – in a sense. I play guitar, ukulele and an african drum, the name of which I can’t spell. I also sing and I’m a proud alto! I took singing lessons for a little over a year, and my teacher actually told me to stop trying to sing like a guy. I still sometimes think I can sing lower than I actually can or should. I’ve been writing my own music for who knows how long. I’ve been playing for a little over four years, so I’d say I’ve been writing for two and half of those years.

I also love writing in pretty much every genre. I took a class this spring that focused on creative writing. I had to write a short story, a one act play, several poems, a non-fiction article and a short memoir. I really liked how open the assignments were. It was pretty much go-play-have fun.

I’ve kept a journal for a couple years now, but I don’t write nearly as frequently as I used to. It’s full of all my teenage angst and I don’t even want to go back and read it because it would probably disgust me. Part of the reason I’m starting this blog is even though it has been very helpful to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper, my hope is that it will be more helpful to know that I am sharing my thoughts and feelings with other people. I assure you – everyone and anyone who reads this – it won’t be a sob story. I hope I can be interesting and entertaining.

Well, it’s 1: 59 AM now, so I suppose that will be it for tonight.

Goodnight everyone, I will write again soon! 🙂