Mythology Part 1: Creation Story

Before the beginning of time, before there were stars in the sky and before there was life on earth, the goddess Ce wandered the dark expanse of the universe searching for life. She wandered for thousands of years and found nothing. One day, however, she discovered a dark, desolate planet; an inhospitable desert devoid of life. For a day she searched for any signs of life on the planet, but when she found none, she decided to create her own. She first created the sun to warm and sustain her creation, and then she began her work.

She spent the next day excavating the seas and filling them with water. Then she created the fish and sharks and whales and sea turtles, and all manner of other creatures that would inhabit the waters. For a while, her creation pleased her, but soon she grew bored of the sea creatures and created desert creatures to inhabit the land. Soon she discovered that without sustenance, the desert creatures would die, so she created fresh water lakes and rivers as well as desert plants. She decided that there should be other creatures to inhabit the fresh water as well, so she filled the fresh water with new life.

For several days, she watched over the desert creatures and the water creatures, but they too began to bore her. On the next day, she created the jungles and with them she created tigers, bears, monkeys and other jungle creatures. She was delighted with her new creatures until she decided that there should be creatures to inhabit the skies as well. Then she created birds to live in both the desert and the jungle.

She went on for several more days in this manner, until she had created the arctic, the mountains, the valleys, the caves, the forests, the planes and all the creatures that would live in them. Then she was satisfied for a time. Her creation was so wonderful and so complex that she decided merely to watch for a while. Soon she realized though, that the creatures she had created were beautiful and interesting, but could never truly think and were entirely unappreciative of their own existence, which she sustained.

That is when she created the first humans whom she placed in nearly every area of the earth. She gave them intelligence, insight, art, craftsmanship and language; all qualities that she possessed and was proud of. She also created the stars and the heavens so that the humans would know what she could do and so they would be in awe of her power, and they praised her.

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