Mythology Part 5: Downfall

The bloodlust had never really left him. Sonafeit had effectively defied the goddess, Ce and completely avoided punishment. He now had abandoned the dead and had control of many of the living. He had recruited an army of followers and soldiers who he had convinced to turn from the goddess, and turn on Fortune’s Hand, a group of five rulers who had been in power for many years. Fortune’s hand had been strong and had been able to maintain peace until this sorrowful day. There had never been war in the land, but sonafeit was angry and defiant. His army was now far larger than that of fortune’s hand and was backed by his divine power. And so began the first war in the history of the world. Ce did not leave her remaining followers to the mercy of the evil ones. She too began to fight and took command alongside Fortune’s Hand; directing and protecting them.

The previous members of Fortune’s Hand had long since given command to their children, Queen Seinga, who was King Siri’s daughter, Queen Bella, who was Queen Lilly’s Daughter, Queen Whero, the new queen of the Hidden Woods, King Eli of the North and King Cole, who was the nephew of King Ergeitus. These kings and queens were young and strong and devoted as their parents had been. Their forces were still horribly outnumbered and they relied heavily on the goddess for assistance and guidance. She cam and fought alongside them in her human form and defended them well. Still many warriors from both armies fell.

Ce realized that the only way to defeat Sonafeit was to outnumber him. She realized that pitting mortals against each other was pointless when they were all under the protection of their particular god. She would have to face Sonafeit directly if she was going to end this conflict. She had defeated him in his human form once before, but now that he was a god, the only way she could defeat him would be to outnumber him. This left her with but one option. She would have to surrender; let him win and eventually rebel against the god of war.

When she revealed this truth to Fortune’s Hand, they were dismayed that their goddess would so readily accept defeat. They did not understand how she even hoped to defeat him once he had won this war until she explained that she was going to give each of them a divine gift. She instructed them to sleep with their mates that night, and in the morning the queens of Fortune’s Hand and the wives of the kings would be carrying children. To each of these children, Ce would grant divine powers. They would be neither fully divine nor fully human, but they would be her children and would fight alongside her to defeat Sonafeit. They reluctantly agreed, and accepted defeat. They then went into hiding with the goddess in her castle in the stars and waited.

It was many years until the children of fortune’s hand were old enough and powerful enough to oppose Sonafeit, and in this time, the world fell into darkness. The people of the earth were forced into slavery to build a magnificent empire for their divine ruler. They harbored hatred, fear and anger in their souls and civil war broke out frequently. The god did nothing to stop the fighting. It kept his subjects in check and ensured that no one peoples would be stronger than another. Ce’s defeat also brought sickness to the land, which she had always prevented out of love for her people. The god, however saw this also as a way to keep the people at bay. Those who did not die believed that he had saved them, and although they feared and even hated him at times, they thanked for his mercy, which was actually a combination of coincidence and indifference. Even the dead suffered. In the realm of the afterlife, which he controlled, he leached power from the souls of his captives. It seemed that the earth had become a living hell.

Finally, the children of Fortune’s Hand were ready to fight back. In total there were six children; three girls and three boys. Two of the girls were the twin daughters of Queen Bella. Their names were Hope and Dorafeit, which means “Daughter of the Fight.” The other girl was the daughter of Queen Seinga. Her name was Cepura, which means “The Power of Ce.” The son of Queen Whero was named Eagle. The son of King Eli was named Brennapace, “Which means “Bringer of Peace.” The son of King Cole was named Blaze.

Each child was given a specific power and a steed to ride into battle. Hope and Dorafeit were given the powers of invisibility and speed. They were also connected to each other by a mental bond, which made them very cleaver and powerful as a team. Their weapons of choice were bows and arrows. They rode creatures which resembled giant dragonflies with stingers that brought instant death to their victims. Hope’s was blue and Dorafeit’s was green. They possessed the same abilities as their riders. Cepura was given the ability of inhuman strength. Her skin was tough, like an extra layer of armor and she wielded an enormous battle axe that no human would normally be able to handle. She rode an enormous black bear with huge, deadly teeth and claws. Eagle was given the ability to communicate with and command the many falcons that Ce had created to fight along with her demigods. His weapon of choice was also a bow and arrows. His steed was a great, golden falcon that could fly higher and faster than any normal bird and could breathe fire. Brennapace was given the ability to command light energy. With this power, he could command lightning, blind his enemies with brilliant light and heal his companions if need be. He wielded an elegant, slender, white-bladed sword. His stead was a pure white stag whose antlers resembled forks of lightning sprouting from its head. The stag could also control light energy as well as cause serious damage with its antlers. Blaze was given control of the element of fire. His steed was a powerful red dragon who could also command fire.

The steeds were just as intelligent and capable as their riders. The dragonflies were named Wisp and Dart (the blue, female, the green male). The bear (male) was named Shadow. The falcon (female) was named Javelin. The stag (male) was named Chaser. The dragon (female) was named Jewel.

The preparations had been made. The children and their steeds were ready to go into battle. The six of them and their master, the goddess herself, would be known forever simply as The Saviors. They left their parents in the safety of Ce’s palace to protect them, and left for earth. When the seven companions arrived. They found themselves in the midst of pain and horror they had only witnessed from a distance until that point.

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