Mythology Part 6: Battle Of The Earth

They found themselves on the outskirts of a city that was plagued with poverty and sickness; results of the neglect their god and emperor had shown them. The seven explored the earth in secret for many months and secovered that the situation was the same everywhere. The god Sonafeit had turned the earth to ruin; prosperity to defeat; love to hate. The goddess wept at what she found.

The six demigods were equally as appalled. It was their turn to challenge a god.

“Sonafeit!” shouted Brennapace. “We challenge you! Too long you have manipulated and destroyed the people that we and our mother love!” There was no answer, so he continued. “Sonafeit! Do not insult us! We will defeat you, you pathetic child! Come and we shall fight! I see you are a coward! Come and face us!”

Then from the heavens came sneering reply. “Huh! Is this all you can conjure, Ce? Six demigods and a flock of birds? You are still no threat to me. Still, you accepted my challenge those many years ago. I suppose it is only fair that I accept yours, little goddess.”

He appeared out of the sky riding what appeared to be a flaming, winged stallion. Ce conjured one of her own, and the seven companions and their falcons attacked. It was impossible for Cepura  to attack at first because she did not have a range weapon and her steed could not fly. When Sonafeit and the others were close enough, however, she and Brennapace (who had been fighting with lightning) threw their weapons. Brennapace’s sword cut through some dark force in one of the flaming stallion’s wings, but Cepura’s axe bounced off of it as if it were made of rubber and not metal. Brennapace retrieved their weapons using the light energy that Ce had put into them for protection, and he threw his sword again.

The seven companions eventually got Sonafeit and his stallion on the ground, but he was still a formidable opponent. He had unnatural defenses about him that they needed to cut through before they would even have a chance at damaging his armor. It was amazing to them how powerful he was against seven opponents and their mighty steeds.

Eventually Brennapace, Blaze and Ce were able to cut down Sonafeit’s stallion. It turned to ashes and blew away in a gust of wind. This was the moment of truth. The seven companions attacked the god of war with everything in their power. His dark defenses were diminished and he was hurt badly. They were about to finish him off, when he screamed. It was the most terrifying scream that any of them had ever heard, including the goddess, Ce. It was filled with so much rage, fear and pain that it landed the flying creatures and forced the demigods to cover their ears.

The fighting stopped then as Sonafeit disappeared into thin air.

“The fight is not over,” said Ce, sadly. “He will hide away in his forsaken underworld and regain his strength. In the meantime, my children, we must prepare ourselves to face him again. I fear he will not be alone the next time we meet. He may create demigods or more likely, demons of his own to counter us. We will be outnumbered. Evil hardly fights fair.”

‘Could you not increase our numbers?” countered Hope.

“There is not enough time,” explained the goddess. “You children grew to age naturally. Sonafeit will twist the minds of his children and make them grow unnaturally fast. They will be deranged and angry. They will even hate him, but they will have no choice but to serve him.” After a pause she said, “And we will have no choice but to destroy them. There will be no helping them.”

“In the meantime we should do what we can to help the people our enemy has so wronged and corrupted,” said Brennapace. “Mother, would it be so wrong to bring the people to our refuge in the sky?”

“My son,” said Ce. It is the one place I cannot bring them. There is nowhere safe upon this earth. I fear for the future of humanity.”

“But Mother,” said Blaze, “I’ve had a marvelous idea! We could create a Haven for them! It would be safe there! It would be incorruptible! Could you do it, Mother?”

“I could do it! Here is what I will do; The humans will be given a test. If they continue to worship and believe in me, they will be granted safety in my Haven after they die. It will be a paradise. Sonafeit has corrupted the underworld so that it has become a place of fear and pain. People fear death, but if they turn from Sonafeit, they will have no need to fear! I will also give you children permanent charge of the earth. I will divide it into six regions and you will all rule over one. You will be stronger than fortune’s hand! People will approve of you and those who die and come to the Haven will become our warriors! Do what you can to turn humanity away from Sonafeit. A new war is coming, and when it comes, we will give the wretched god a fight to remember!”

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