Mythology Part 7: Angels And Demons

After year of Sonafeit’s tyranny, the world was able to establish a precarious peace. Many who had turned away came back to Ce and worshiped her and her demigods. The six demigods, Hope, Dorafeit, Cepura, Brennapace, Eagle and Blaze scattered over the earth to rule their designated realm. Trade, industry, education and art flourished under their watch and it seemed the earth was returning to normalcy and prosperity. Many died in the hope of eternity in the Haven that the demigods created with their mother. It was a place of joy and peace that was incorruptible by Sonafeit or his demons.

In the Haven the old were made young, the sick made well. All the angels, as Ce decided to call them were given the choice to fight for her and her demigods. Many chose to fight for her but many did not. Still, she maintained that she was morilly obligated to give them this choice on principle. Sonafeit’s followers would be made slave warriors when they died. The alternative was eternal suffering and deprivation. Sonafeit and his demon army fed on the souls of the others who refused to fight. Previously, this had been the only fate that could befall the dead, but Ce and her demigods changed that. Although they knew it would leave them at a disadvantage, they agreed that they would not use the souls of the dead unless they consented to let them.

Years passed without so much as a hint of the war god’s return and in that time, the number of his followers dwindled. They either turned from him or died out and returned to him to become a demon warrior or suffer in the underworld. Many years later, when his named had all but been erased from the earth, he made is final stand.

It was Festival time; a time of celebration over all the earth in honor of the victory of Ce and her demigods many years ago. It was in the capital city, Gidapolis (meaning City of the Gods), that an old but strong-looking man arrived and found the old temple that had been constructed in honor of Sonafeit. It had once been filled with his worshipers, but for many years it had been nearly vacant on Worship Day, which was held once a week in the evenings.

The old man entered the temple and sat on a bench near the rear of the building and waited. It was early evening. Worship would begin at sundown. Eventually a handful of people entered the temple. They shot the old man quizzical glances as they did not recognize him from the usual congregation, but they otherwise ignored him. When it was time to begin, the temple was filled with about twenty people. The old man was saddened by this. He remembered when the temple was once filled with hundreds of people.

The priest entered through the back of the temple and as he began to make his way to the altar, the old man caught his wrist. The priest gave a start but then smiled down at the man.

“What may I do for you, sir?” he asked politely.

“I am your war god,” said the old man. “I am Sonafeit. I have come back to take my place as rightful ruler of the earth.” As he said this, it seemed that he grew younger and stronger. The lines were erased from his face, his eyes grew dark and fierce and his frail limbs grew muscle. He stood and said in a loud, clear voice. “Subjects!” The few people in the temple turned to see who was speaking. “Subjects, I am your war god! You will be rewarded for staying true to me! You will be given high rank in my army! You will be protected! You will answer only to me! And now I shall reveal my army to you!”

As he said this, large, muscular demons materialized among the benches in the temple. Their skin was cracked and seemingly burned. Their faces were contorted into grimaces. Many had missing limbs that had been replaced with maces or clubs. They were nearly eight feet tall. They had large, leathery wings that were a dark shade of red, and barbed tails. For weapons they bore flails and barbed whips that were blindingly white and burning with some kind of dark power more deadly than fire.

Before they could argue, before they could run, before they could scream, they twenty people in the temple were taken by one of these demons and transformed into demons themselves. The army was then given orders to divide and conquer the city.

Ce and her army were ready. The goddess had known that the war god had come the moment he reentered the world of the living– her realm. She would banish him to the underworld once and for all, even if it killed her. She would entrust the earth and the Haven to her children, the six demigods that brought the world hope. Over the years, she had amassed an army of her own; angels, she called them. They were the souls of the dead in their ultimate perfection; strong, powerful and good. They were smaller and quicker than Sonafeit’s army, but they were not as physically strong, and were far easier to cut down. Still, they possessed more ability than brute force alone. Ce had given many of them the same abilities she had given to her demigods. The angels looked like they did when they were human, but they had large, colorful butterfly wings. for weapons, they carried beautifully crafted swords and bows and arrows.

Gidapolis was soon coated red with the blood of humans, demigods, angels, demons and the gods themselves. The sisters Hope and Dorafeit were cut down soon after the fighting began. Eagle’s golden falcon, Javelin was killed when she swooped down to distract a demon from a pair of humans who had joined the fight along with many others. He was then forced to fight on the ground as no other bird would make an adequate steed. He was eventually forced to retreat due to his grief at the loss of his loved Javelin.

The battle did not take long. Sonafeit was enraged when he learned that Ce’s army was forcing the demons to retreat to the outskirts of the city. It would have been wiser to retreat, but Sonafeit forced them to fight until there were no demons left to fight. It was then that he was forced to choose; fight or flee. Of course, being the god of war, he chose to fight.

“Sonafeit, don’t you see?” said Ce as she and her demigods began to drive him towards his temple. “You cannot win. Hate and greed will never prevail over love and charity. People are drawn to power. You were powerful. That is why people turned. They saw a warrior god and looked to you for strength. All you gave them was pain. You were a liar, deceitful, evil, and I will not stand for it! I henceforth banish you to the underworld where you will suffer and those who worshiped you will be your captors! They will be the ones to punish you! They may do what they wish with you! I will never hear of you again! Nor will I think of you! You will be banished from the minds of humans, demigods and angels alike! Goodbye Sonafeit!”

And with that she summoned the power of every angel, demigod and mortal in her army and hit him with the force of all the pain and misery he had caused. Where he had previously been, there stood an elegant carving of a golden falcon in flight. It would be a reminder to humanity of what had transpired, even if they did not understand the symbol, they would know that evil was vanquished on this day.

So concludes the first stage of my mythology. The story is not over, however. There will be more adventures to come!

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