Artsy Fartsy

I’m so happy, because earlier today my friend, Joe showed me the final version of the album cover he’d been designing for me. The album is called “Replace My Empty Spaces,” after a line from my feature song, “You Answered.” I’ve got two songs professionally done. I’ve got about half the album finished. I’ve been doing most of the recording at home. My friend, Nate has been helping me put extra guitar parts or mandolin parts or harmonies or what have you on a few of my songs. I’m super excited to get this done.

I’m going to be hosting and selling my music on a website that my cousins and I are developing. When it’s completely ready to go, I will certainly share a link. We’ve been making a fair amount of progress. This all stemmed from a vague and crazy idea I had for starting a business, but I think we’re finally getting our act together. Once we’re fully established I’ll give some more details.


I had to…


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