We’re going camping on Friday. I’m so excited! I’m especially excited this year because I’m just itching to get away from home. Lately all of my friends have been busy, so for the past couple days I’ve had to entertain myself (the horror). It wouldn’t be so bad except my friend had a family tragedy last night and I was sad because he and his family were sad. I just worry about him sometimes, so I’ve just been hoping he’s doing ok. He’s usually crazy busy, so he probably has things to take his mind off it, but I still worry. Meanwhile, I don’t really have anything to take my mind off of it today. I played guitar for a particularly long time this afternoon, but after that I sort of got bored so I took a walk and of course my mind started racing a million miles a minute (yay alliteration).

I’ve also sort of got writer’s block, which always manages to put me in a foul mood. I did figure out a cool way to play Ode To Joy on the guitar, which was sort of ironic and entertaining considering the circumstances. I still need to figure out what I’m going to bring to camp for entertainment. I’ll probably bring a book (I’ll probably only have time to read one) and a guitar. I might bring my electric guitar with a little battery powered amp. It’s really small and actually sounds decent. I just need to figure out what book I want to read. My dad suggested “The Age of Reason,” so I’ll probably end up reading that.

I’m hoping to set up a Jam Night sort of thing at the campground. There’s usually a handful of people who bring a guitar or a ukulele or what have you. I guess We’d have to do it all acoustic. I don’t feel like dragging a microphone and an amp and what not. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to set something like this up, but I figured I could make a few fliers and see if the rangers would let me put them up near the bathrooms.

There are two halves of the campground, and both of them are pretty big. I think there’s three different bathroom/shower houses on the side my family camps on. I’m at least going to see if I can get a few up on our side. Even if the ranger doesn’t let me put up flyers, I suppose I could just go scope out some music people and ask them in person.

They always have a movie night twice a week at an outdoor amphitheater that you can walk to. It’s part of the campground and there’s a stage there, so I figured we could probably use that. Whoever is playing will just have to sing/play loud so everyone can hear. If it goes well I might bring a microphone and stuff next year or see if anyone else would be willing to bring something.

We’re going to be packing and stuff tomorrow mostly. We borrowed a trailer from my mom’s cousin, so between that and my dad’s pickup truck we should have enough room that we can just throw everything in and head north. After that the only thing to do is pray that it doesn’t rain while we’re setting up.

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