Prayer is arguably the best thing that humans are capable of. For starters, it is a way of directly communicating with the Almighty Creator of the Earth. It can be done anywhere and any time. It can be spoken or silent. It can be formal or familiar. It can be done alone, with a few or with a large group of people. Prayer can be the difference between an A and a C on a test. It can also be the difference between life and death. It can be the difference between getting a gig and not getting it. It can also be the difference between singing well and singing badly.

Different forms of prayer are better for different situations, as with many other things. For example, I pray every night, whether I want to or not; no matter how tired I am or how late it is. When I’m really tired, I usually end up just saying the Lord’s prayer with as much meaning as I can manage to put into it. Most nights I pray for specific people in my life. I usually try to be specific, but sometimes I just have to say “Lord, you know what they need,” and leave it at that.

When I’m alone, I tend to pray for private matters. When I’m at church or chapel at school and someone is leading prayer, I’m obviously more likely to pray for public matters. This isn’t exactly the best way to go about it, and I realize this, but I try to look at public issues in the big picture. To me the world is big and scary, and I’m of the opinion that to change the world, you have to start at home.

I don’t pray during the day as much as I would like. I’m going to try to get into the habit of praying right when I get up for the day. A couple other good times would be during my break at school and when I get home in the evening. Self indulgent tangent aside, I definitely think it is good to have a routine for prayer.

Something else that I’ve learned about prayer is that you don’t always need something to pray about. If you had a fantastic day, and you don’t have anything pressing on your mind, just say “thank you.” It’s good to praise God in your prayers, because He answers them; and let’s face it, we can be needy, bratty children sometimes.

A great way of indirectly praying is to play or at least sing along with some worship music. If you’re just feeling bad and it seems like a million things are going wrong all at once, and you don’t even know how to express what you need, just sing. The best part about worship music is that you don’t need to be a musician to sing it and appreciate it. When you sing a worship song when you’re feeling like the world is going crazy, you’re basically saying, “God, I don’t even know what ‘s going on right now, but you’re awesome and I know you’ll make things right.” Sometimes it takes a few songs and a good cup of coffee, but this usually makes me feel a whole lot better.

Well, it’s 3 in the morning and I might say more on this later, but Flying Guinea Pig needs to get to bed.

2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Someone once asked me what it meant to pray without ceasing. After a little thought, I said, “Constant communication from your spirit to His.” Whether that communication comes in the form of thoughts, prayers, singing, or communion without words… of just “being” in the presence of God.

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