On The Way Out

For about two hours now I’ve been trying to write something interesting and meaningful. I’ve been wracking my brains and frankly, I can’t come up with anything. I just looked at Facebook a minute ago out of boredom and frustration and reread something I posted when I got out of school this evening; “On my way out of school, I heard someone (I couldn’t see them) playing some of the most beautiful piano music I’ve ever heard!” And really, it was beautiful, but in the space of two and a half hours I had forgotten about it, all because I was frustrated about not being able to write a smarty-pants blog post. So instead of writing a smarty-pants blog post, I’m going to write a poem and call it good!

Sunshine fades in the hallway
A Mournful joy reaches my ears
And I cannot bring forth the tears
Sings the song beyond the door

Peace will mourn the end of war
And count the cost of all the lost
And celebrate in joy and grief
But there is something in the sound

Like the calm before the storm
Like the clearing of the sky
Like a broken heart set free
Tender and beautiful like a child’s belief

The music reminded me of something that is sad and happy at the same time like the end of war or a loved one dying and going to Heaven or getting out of school for the summer and having to say goodbye to your college friends.

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