Defending God

A few months ago a friend of mine made a really mean joke about Jesus, and it really pissed me off. I told her that it offended me and she apologized, and it was all good. The odd thing is that when people make fun of Christians, I’ll laugh along with them if the joke really is funny and it isn’t meant in a mean way. I think there are many different religions that can seem ridiculous to non-religious people, and if you really think about it, Christianity is up there on the ridiculousness scale. We believe that God came down from Heaven in human form to teach his ways to the people of Israel and eventually, the rest of the world through his disciples. We also believe that He knew He was going to die and went willingly to His death, taking all the sins of the world upon Himself. Finally, we believe that He will come again and unite Heaven and Earth and we who are saved by Him will live forever in His Kingdom. It sounds ridiculous, does it not?

The odd thing is, I really don’t like it when people directly make fun of my Lord. It’s not like He can’t defend Himself because He could… but He usually doesn’t, at least not in a way that I recognize. It seems a bit ridiculous to me that I was actually defending God to my friend. I would do the exact same thing if my friend were making a mean joke about one of my other friends. I would feel the same way too. I was defending God as a friend. As a Christian, I believe that I am a friend of God. I know He defends me because he has deterred me from doing things that seemed like great ideas and has directed me to things that turned out even better. He also has done things in my life that are both extremely helpful and obnoxious and hilarious at the same time. I’ve basically come to expect irony.

Sometimes I’ll feel a bit odd defending one of my friends if I think that what they’re doing is a bit strange or ridiculous, so perhaps part of the reason I feel strange defending God is because He does some strange and ridiculous things. Of course the bottom line is that I, an insignificant, barely mature girl am defending the Almighty King of the universe. I’m partly just nervous about saying the right thing in His defense. I suppose it’s the fact that He’s always listening that makes me  nervous. When I’m defending my friends, it’s usually because they’re not there to defend themselves, but God knows what I’m saying about Him. It’s entirely possible that I’m just thinking too hard about this.

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