Why Do You Read?

I noticed something interesting just now. I was looking at my “stats” for how many views I’ve got recently, and what I’ve found is somewhat surprising. The most views I’ve ever got in a day is 30. Maybe that’s a lot, and maybe not. I just don’t know. What’s interesting is that I posted “Faith Lives On” and “Caught In A Lie” on that day. The former is about the current state of the Christian faith and really theism in general in the U.S. today. The latter is about nearly getting caught in a lie and feeling bad about it.

On October 29, I got 14 views. On that day I posted “Writing A Road: To Somewhere Great Or A Dead End Job,” which was essentially more of me complaining about not knowing exactly what I want to do with my life.

Just as a side note, I’ve decided to stop doing that on here. The internet really doesn’t need to know about me feeling bad for myself.

I don’t know if my views were all of the posts that I published on those days, but if so, it would be very interesting to know why. I’m not sure I’ll be able to figure that out, but I could speculate. Perhaps it’s because of the empathy factor. It could be that people like to read these types of posts because they want to know that someone deals with the same issues as they do, and perhaps (and I don’t mean this in a bad way) it’s comforting to know that somebody has it worse in one way or another. Perhaps there’s even a bit of nostalgia involved. I’m not sure of the age group of my readers, but I get the sense that many of them are at least a few years older than me. Perhaps it’s somehow gratifying to be able to say “I remember when I was dealing with that.”

What’s interesting is that I seam to get less action on the “big issue posts” that I sometimes write. I’m generally more interested in writing those, because I’m usually more interested in reading that kind of stuff. I write the shorter, more personal posts either to clear my head or because I think something just might be a little amusing. Sometimes I just feel compelled to throw something out there and see what happens. It’s kind of like fishing. I’m just trying different bate.

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