Not Quite 12 Pages

I’m taking a break from writing a paper. It’s about the Shakespeare play Othello, specifically my interpretation of Iago. I’m taking a break because it’s a difficult paper to write and I need to work on something else for a little bit. I had to meet with my philosophy group at school today because we’re having a debate in class on Tuesday. The question is, “Can machines think?” We were assigned to argue, “no.” Thank God for that, because I would never argue that they could. I just flat out don’t like the idea above any other argument against it.

Anyway, before I came here I checked my email to see if anything needed to be taken care of. I checked my Gmail first because that’s my church/fun email. Then I checked my school email because I’m waiting to hear back from my professor. I had a question about the bibliography of my paper. It’s due Tuesday, so if I don’t hear back from her by noon or so tomorrow I think I’ll try and give her a call. I really dislike talking on the phone. I’m not sure why.

I had no new messages, so I’m running out of procrastination options. My brother got me addicted to a silly game for my phone called Dragonvale. You basically build and take care of a zoo for dragons. You can also do races and things with them eventually. I’m currently poor and wimpy though, so everything is ridiculously time consuming, which means that’s not a good procrastination option.

I’m only giving myself until 6:30 anyway (I started procrastinating around 6:00), so I need to get back to work.  I just felt like rambling a little.

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