Free Will, Chance and Predestination

I was reading a particularly boring novel today, and of course my mind started to wander. For some reason I started thinking about free will, chance and predestination. I stopped myself and re-focused on my homework, but I figured the topic would make for a good blog post.

Let’s ignore chance for a minute since the other two are tricky as it is. It is a self evident truth that humans have the freedom of choice. It is also true that God has a plan for this world. Some people believe that this plan includes a selection of the people who will be saved or not. By this thinking however, one has to believe that it does not matter how “good” or “bad” a person is because God has already decided their fate. This does not leave any room for redemption or for the choice to turn to or away from God, which obviously, people do. I would argue that God chooses people to be His followers, but he also allows them to freely make that choice. God knows what people will choose, and perhaps He will influence them one way or another, but ultimately, the choice is theirs.

But how does it work with less theological issues? Is there such a thing as chance or is every single event and situation  planned out? Why do bad things happen? In computer programs, sometimes variables are included. If X, then Y. If Y, then Z. If Z, then X. Perhaps parts of God’s plan allow for chance in this way. Obviously parts of it are fixed; people live and die; the world as we know it will come to an end some day, somehow, but it seems that there is some kind of “if, then” variable in some parts. Perhaps this variable is what we call human nature. This does not leave chance unacounted for because God “programmed” or “designed” human nature, and He allows for it, so it is still under His control.

Bad things happen because there is evil in the world like a virus in a computer program. Human nature was tainted by original sin, which made it impossible for the world to be perfect anymore. God allows bad things to happen as part of the redemption process, and ultimately, He will “fix” everything when the End comes. He could take care of everything instantly, but he doesn’t for a perfectly good reason that I don’t think humans can ever be fully aware of.

Well rheres a first attempt at least. Back to work now! Please leave comments!

4 thoughts on “Free Will, Chance and Predestination

    1. I’m kind of ok with that view as long as God is behind it. The idea of a universe without God freaks me out. As long as He can push the dominos in the right way if need be, I’m cool with it. Granted, I have personal reason to believe that He’s much more involved than that. Say I’m crazy if you will. I won’t fight. 🙂

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