The “Piles” Project

This one will be quick, but I feel compelled to write. I thought I’d mention an interesting project that I intend to work on over break. I’m calling it “Piles.” I’m basically going to take stuff I have just lying around the house and maybe some things from nature, and I’m going to make literal piles and photograph them. Some of them will be “themed,” but some will just be random piles. For whatever reason I’ve started taking interest in photography. I saw something in one of my classes today that would have made a cool picture. Someone had wrote the word “true” on a whiteboard in one of my classrooms. A girl in my class sat in front of it without knowing it was there and sat in a perfect position with a perfect expression on her face. I wanted to take out my phone and take a picture, but that would have been weird on many levels, I suppose. I don’t have a good camera. My mother insists on buying me an iPhone for Christmas even though I told her I don’t want anything. Supposedly the new one has a good camera, so I suppose I’ll see if she actually gets me one. I don’t know if she’s getting me one or not for sure, so if she doesn’t I’ll just splurge for once and buy myself a nice camera. My cousin’s girlfriend is into photography so I could ask her what she has. Once I have a few pictures I’ll post them. I’m going to make at least one Christmas themed pile. I have a lot of other ideas already. I only have a week of school left, so the end is near! 🙂

Well it’s about time to go to class, so that’ll have to be it for now.

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