I had my Shakespeare exam today and it went quite well. My mom picked me up afterwards to go run an errand and pick my brother up from high school. She needed a new pair of shoes, and as we were checking out we heard a guy talking to a woman who was presumably a wife or friend or girlfriend about the shooting that occurred in Connecticut today. I hadn’t heard about it until then (around 2:00). My mom hadn’t said anything in the car between my school and the store. We had been talking about my exam and of course I had gone on a tangent about how wonderful my professor is and how wonderful Shakespeare is.

It really bothered me (as I’m sure it does everyone else) that someone would be so cruel and insane that they would shoot a bunch of innocent little kids. Later, I was doing some research for my Philosophy paper, and I went onto a website that had an article about trauma and fear. It listed all the shootings that have happened this year. They didn’t give an exact number and I didn’t count, but the list was extensive and disturbing.

I am a person who always tries to find a light in the darkness, but I think it would simply be short sighted to say something like: these kinds of things happen to somehow bring those who are left closer together (an answer I think some people are quick to give). These things just shouldn’t happen, especially not to kids.

I hate guns. I have for a long time. People shouldn’t be allowed to get them. I’ve gone back and forth on the issue to an extent, but this is the final straw. I think it should be against the law to own a gun. There are too many crazy, evil people out there for it to be safe to allow it. I feel very sorry for the survivors of this shooting and the parents of the kids who didn’t make it. My prayers will be with them tonight.

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