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Come, My Hat

Come my hat;
We shall dance;
And sing the praises
Of erroneous phrases

She has dreams in her hair
As the saying goes.
Let us render this black
In remembering sleep.

Paraphrase and paradox
Are screaming in my ears.
How long has it been?
He says, “Please come again.”

Sickness is sticky
And I smell it.
It comes in darkness
And lingers in the cold, gray air.

It is no normal sickness.
Either I kill him or he kills me,
But winter never truly dies.
So I will ignore him and drink my coffee.


Forgiving is one of the kindest things that someone can do for another person. It can also sometimes be a very difficult thing to do. Knowing that you are forgiven for something can bring an enormous sense of relief. In one sense, this person who has been forgiven has already been redeemed, and yet it engenders the desire to redeem one’s self. It can make someone feel as though they have been given a clean slate; they can start over. They can be at peace with themselves and the world.

EVERYONE deserves forgiveness. People know when they have done things that they should not have, unless they have done them out of ignorance, and being forgiven is often a reason for them to strive to be better.

Let the past be the past and live for the present. The cause has come and gone and the effect is what you make of it. Allow yourself to forgive and to be forgiven. If we can all do this, the world will be a warmer place.

Making Colorful Things

Well peeps, it’s getting late, and I still have a bunch of homework to do, but I felt the need to take a momentary break and write a post.

For the past couple weeks or so I’ve been emailing back and forth with a lovely girl named Rose. We found each other through a website that helps people find other people to write or email to. You might be interested to know that Rose has an Etsy shop where you will find some super cool and useful stuff! She has given me permission to post a link to her fancy little shop, so I am going to do that right here! Rose’s Etsy Shop

Anyway, I’m rather caffeinated, so I should get back to work before it wears off!


Trust is a powerful and precious thing. It can be the difference between success and failure. It can mean getting ahead or staying where you are. It can seem very dangerous or costly to willingly give away your trust, but the truth is that you must. Love and trust go hand in hand. If you are trusting, people will see you as someone they can trust. If you are suspicious, people will see you as someone to be wary of.

Perhaps in the dangerous world we live in you will say “You can never be too careful.” You avoid talking to strangers and allow a healthy dose of paranoia to linger over you. The truth is that everyone is not out to get you. In fact, it is likely that no one is out to get you… Except perhaps that annoying neighbor kid with the super soaker. If you trust everyone will you get screwed once in a while? Yeah, but that’s life. You only have two options: let everyone in or let no one in. This does not mean you should tell everyone your deepest, darkest secrets; all it means is that you should be courteous, offer assistance if someone looks like they could use some help, accept assistance, tell people about yourself and listen to their story. Friends are always strangers before you meet them.

Trust people and allow them to trust you. Secrets are not fun to keep on your own sometimes. Allow someone to tell you their secrets, and tell them your own. Keep in mind that a secret is something that should never, under any circumstances be told. Therefore, we must hold each other accountable.


I have a little melody that I sometimes absently hum or sing without words when I’m going from class to class or getting my stuff out to do homework or playing a game with my bro and cousin (I know I said I was giving up video games, and I did completely for a while, but now because of school I hardly play anyway). So, I discovered a few days ago that there is a version of Garage Band for the iPhone, which gave me an idea. Yesterday I recorded my melody and spent who knows how long trying to figure out a harmony. I have it mostly figured out; there’s just one part at the end that’s giving me trouble. Once I figure it out though, I’ll record that harmony and then another, etc until I have at least 4 part harmony (although the key I picked might make that a bit tricky because of my range).

Anyway, FYI: the version of Garage Band I have is downloadable for $5. The quality of the recording on the iPhone 5 isn’t bad at all. I’m sure the 4 or the 4S are probably fine too. The trouble with it is you can’t make any recordings that are more than maybe 20 seconds long and it’s probably not even that long. I still think it’s useful for sketches or for practicing harmony and other things like that…. And it’s fun to play with. The other thing that I don’t particularly care about but that might bother some people is that there aren’t too many sound effects to play with. Since I’m just working on voice parts that’s no big deal. If I get a bunch of voice parts to work I might actually develop this further. It’s pretty much just a challenging game at this point.

Have a nice day, everyone. 🙂

Plans For Teaching Songwriting

I started writing my plans for teaching a songwriting class today. My teacher hasn’t officially given me the “ok, we’re going to do this,” but I plan on pestering him. He’s given one of the other teachers who works at the studio the ok to start a sort of “side project” that’s backed by the studio, and he said that if Kue takes care of it, he will give him the space and whatever that he needs. I figure if I just take control of this project he might let me do it no problem. I just need to figure out how to get the word out there. I figured putting my initial idea on my blog is one way. Once I have a more definite plan he’ll probably let me put it on the studio’s blog.

If we decide that we’re definitely doing this, Ken will shoot out an email to all the current clients of the studio. We’ll also have to figure out other ways of spreading the word to peeps who currently don’t go to the studio.

I have a few different ideas of how I’m actually going to teach the class. I want to teach it in two different sections, “basic” and “advanced.” The “basic” class will be for people who have little or no experience with music. The other class will be for people who can play music but maybe have never written any original material. That way the groups could stay smaller and everyone will be on the same-ish page. I will also be able to start in different places for the two groups, which will be good. I may or may not bother with music theory in either group because it’s kind of boring, but I’ve found it helpful and depending on where people are at I might teach a little bit in the “advanced” group. I will definitely work on singing more with the “basic” group since it’s more likely that their voices will be their only instruments.

I’m thinking these two classes will be geared towards the general populous, but we were also thinking about doing something for stay-at-home parents, seniors or other more specific groups. I would prefer to do the less specific classes, but one idea I had was to do a program once a week for X number of weeks and have that be the all inclusive one, and then the “old people” classes could be a once a week thing.


I have a thing for strawberries. I just think they taste and smell so good; and let’s face it, they’re pretty too! I found a strawberry candle in a store at the mall, but it was a little over priced and I didn’t get it. If I had a strawberry hat I would wear it all the time. If I find one I’m going to buy it. I was listening to Strawberry Fields earlier and I thought it would be fun to make a picture to go along with it, but I’m sure a lot of people already have. It’s not the most original idea I’ve had. I just ate a strawberry shortcake muffin and it was super yummy! YAY!!!!!


Well, I start classes today. I have romanticism at 2 then I have creative writing nonfiction. Tomorrow I have the music of worship and American lit 1945 to present. I got my books yesterday. It’s an awfully big pile. Based on the books I have for it, the music class might actually end up being a lot more in depth than I thought it would be. I still have high hopes for it though.

I may be getting an internship at the studio I record at some time this year. I might end up teaching some songwriting classes. My teacher is hopefully going to try some new marketing ideas and if it works out then he said he definitely wants me. I may or may not get paid for it, but either way it would be fun and it would get me some experience.

I will hopefully make it to more rehearsals with the church choir. I had an insane school schedule last semester, and I sort of dropped off around Christmas time. We’re going to be losing a few people until the spring, so I’ll be the only alto for a while. I liked to sort of follow Alicia (the other alto) sometimes. All this means is that I need to start practicing more at home.

I will also continue working on my novel and my blog as much as possible. My goal is to have something published by this time next year, whether that be my CD or some short stories or a nonfiction piece or maybe my novel (although I have a feeling it’s going to take forever to finish it at this rate).

So it looks like I have a whole pile of good stuff on my plate from this point forward! Wish me luck, peeps!

Back In Business

I’ve been crazy this week. Last Wednesday I had a bit of a medical issue that put me out for a few days. I was basically back to normal on Friday, but I haven’t really been writing because I was busy this weekend. I wrote for a while today. I did some editing and wrote a new scene. I’ve hit a bit of a weird spot. I know what the next major thing in the novel will be, but I’m not quite sure how to get there. I have a few ideas sort of floating around in my head. I think what I might do is just keep writing and see which one ends up flowing the best.

I’ve been practicing guitar a little more than usual. By “practicing” I mean learning covers. I’ve been musically prolific lately but after I write a particularly good song I tend to get writer’s block for a while. It’s fun learning new covers.

I start classes on Wednesday, so I’m going to get my books tomorrow. Last semester I ended up getting enough money from my research gig to pay for all my books. That was nice. I recently got a decent pile of money from that, so I can probably pay for at least some of them. I have enough money saved up to pay for them anyway, but it would have been nice to get them basically free again. Alas… We don’t live in a perfect world.