Well, I start classes today. I have romanticism at 2 then I have creative writing nonfiction. Tomorrow I have the music of worship and American lit 1945 to present. I got my books yesterday. It’s an awfully big pile. Based on the books I have for it, the music class might actually end up being a lot more in depth than I thought it would be. I still have high hopes for it though.

I may be getting an internship at the studio I record at some time this year. I might end up teaching some songwriting classes. My teacher is hopefully going to try some new marketing ideas and if it works out then he said he definitely wants me. I may or may not get paid for it, but either way it would be fun and it would get me some experience.

I will hopefully make it to more rehearsals with the church choir. I had an insane school schedule last semester, and I sort of dropped off around Christmas time. We’re going to be losing a few people until the spring, so I’ll be the only alto for a while. I liked to sort of follow Alicia (the other alto) sometimes. All this means is that I need to start practicing more at home.

I will also continue working on my novel and my blog as much as possible. My goal is to have something published by this time next year, whether that be my CD or some short stories or a nonfiction piece or maybe my novel (although I have a feeling it’s going to take forever to finish it at this rate).

So it looks like I have a whole pile of good stuff on my plate from this point forward! Wish me luck, peeps!

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