Plans For Teaching Songwriting

I started writing my plans for teaching a songwriting class today. My teacher hasn’t officially given me the “ok, we’re going to do this,” but I plan on pestering him. He’s given one of the other teachers who works at the studio the ok to start a sort of “side project” that’s backed by the studio, and he said that if Kue takes care of it, he will give him the space and whatever that he needs. I figure if I just take control of this project he might let me do it no problem. I just need to figure out how to get the word out there. I figured putting my initial idea on my blog is one way. Once I have a more definite plan he’ll probably let me put it on the studio’s blog.

If we decide that we’re definitely doing this, Ken will shoot out an email to all the current clients of the studio. We’ll also have to figure out other ways of spreading the word to peeps who currently don’t go to the studio.

I have a few different ideas of how I’m actually going to teach the class. I want to teach it in two different sections, “basic” and “advanced.” The “basic” class will be for people who have little or no experience with music. The other class will be for people who can play music but maybe have never written any original material. That way the groups could stay smaller and everyone will be on the same-ish page. I will also be able to start in different places for the two groups, which will be good. I may or may not bother with music theory in either group because it’s kind of boring, but I’ve found it helpful and depending on where people are at I might teach a little bit in the “advanced” group. I will definitely work on singing more with the “basic” group since it’s more likely that their voices will be their only instruments.

I’m thinking these two classes will be geared towards the general populous, but we were also thinking about doing something for stay-at-home parents, seniors or other more specific groups. I would prefer to do the less specific classes, but one idea I had was to do a program once a week for X number of weeks and have that be the all inclusive one, and then the “old people” classes could be a once a week thing.

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