Album Cover Part 7: The Decision & General Update

Well guys, I posted the version of my latest album cover idea with the larger circle in the middle on Facebook  and a bunch of people gave me some super positive feedback, so I think I’m going to go with it. Ladies and gentlemen,  Replace My Empty Spaces has an official cover.

School has kept me absurdly busy, but I sent another message to the Sad Cafe because they were looking for people to play this summer. Hopefully I’ll hear back on that soon. I’m finally getting back to the studio on the 17th to work on “Missing You” (song #7 out of 10). My dad’s been working with Kue, my old voice teacher so he can sing harmony on “Nostalgia.” My friend Nate should be home from college soon and I’m going to see if he can play strings or piano on a few things.

I still have to talk to Ken’s friend about getting a date for the CD release party but in the mean time I’m hoping to hit up a few open mics. I’ve written one new song that isn’t going to go on this album and I started another today. The first is about how I’m kind of crazy about not being cliche. I don’t quite know what my new one is about yet. I’ll probably have to leave it alone until school is over with.

So that’s that. It’s going slow, but I’m making progress. Things should go a little faster this summer.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly! 🙂

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