As with most of my poetry, I didn’t plan this out. Enjoy. 🙂



I love you.

Yes, but that was yesterday.

Don’t you remember?

Ah, yes. Your Bluetooth broke.

Make a bucket list. You’ll need it.

Copy. Switch windows. Paste. File, save. Switch windows.

Vacationing takes too long; how about an ice cream?

The cat went missing again. She’ll turn up sooner or later.

Remember the old city?

Why do you ask?

Spring is in the air.

Temperature’s rising. Better be careful.

We used to sleep in the afternoon.

Everyone has their battle scars.

Do you think it’s serious?

I want to live with you.

There’s something wrong in the equation.

You forgot the tomatoes

Too much thinking will do that.

Have a sweet.

I love you.


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