Art, Pleasure And Worship

I went out with my mom to run a couple errands earlier this afternoon, so while we were in the car I watched a video by a singer whom I admire, talking about how we are not meant for this world. We were made for the world to come– the Kingdom of God. He was saying that we’re not supposed to take pleasure in earthly things, but instead we’re supposed to look to the one who created them and made them possible. Maybe this is a bad thing, but I’ve always had trouble believing that we’re supposed to reject the beautiful and good things of this world. Maybe I’m just not understanding it completely.

I LOVE art and music. I don’t even know how to express the joy I find in beautiful expressions of life and emotion. Granted, there is artwork out there in literature, music, etc that expresses some not so good stuff, but I find most art is inspiring, good, helpful and beautiful. Despite this, are we still supposed to condemn it as earthly and therefore innately sinful? In the video the singer was mainly talking about obviously bad things such as infidelity, crime, the instant gratification problem, etc. However, he also seemed to be implying that the same principle should be applied to other, more innocent things.

I do agree that earthly pleasure and beauty can be somewhat dangerous when it is used the wrong way or even worshiped over God. I think it is especially dangerous for artists themselves because it is quite easy to fall in love with whatever one’s art form may be. Furthermore, no matter how beautiful, happy or inspiring one’s art is, it is still imperfect. It will never compare with anything that God has created or will create in the future. I personally think that if one keeps this in mind that it’s not that dangerous and can be used for good. I think that art is a human expression of what we personally perceive God’s creation to be. We can make up imaginary creatures and imaginary places, and that’s okay too because God gave us our imaginations. If we can only get at some truth through fantasy or fiction, then it seems right to use that form.

It’s not wrong to enjoy time with friends and family or enjoy eating a Klondike bar on a super hot summer day. We just have to remember that this may be awesome, but there is something even more awesome on the horizon. We wouldn’t have anything we have now without the one who gave it to us, so it is important to remember and say “thank you.” We live on this earth for a short life time, and while I don’t know exactly why we’re here, I think we’re here for a reason; otherwise I don’t think God would have created us in the first place, so we should make the best of our time here.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly! 🙂

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