Crazy, Bad Or Misunderstood?

What is the difference between crazy and misunderstood? I think a lot of things and people who look crazy or dangerous truly are just misunderstood. It’s easy to write off things we don’t understand as disturbing, crazy or just plain bad. There are many factors that contribute to this a big one is popular opinion/societal norms. Another is our own interpretations of media, literature, various situations we encounter and rules or guides such as those that are presented by religion or philosophy (something like Transcendentalism). Therefore, it is important to learn about these subjects as objectively as possible.

In my opinion, it is important to engage with things we don’t understand because learning about them in a safe and responsible way can help us make connections with more people and in doing so, make changes that need to be made. To do this, it is important to understand every side of an argument and to have a basic understanding of various philosophies, religions or ideas. In my opinion, it is wrong to disagree with someone or write off their beliefs or methods of doing things if one does not understand them enough to give a good reason for disagreeing with them. Quite frankly, it is simply impolite to say someone or something is wrong just on a gut feeling.

Often, if we engage with new ideas, cultures, etc, we can find answers that we otherwise could not. If we are careful and critical about this, and balance it against what we already know, it can help us grow as people. For example, an American songwriter who is used to rock and roll, 4/4 time, etc can learn from Eastern rhythms and styles and can broaden their musical horizons extensively.

Learning in this way and making these connections is extremely important when it comes to bigger issues such as education and working towards world peace. We need to stop being afraid of things that are foreign to us because we were all created by one God. We are all brothers and sisters, and if we take the time to understand each other there will be no need for fighting. We are all unique people, but we are all human. We all think and feel. We all live and we all die. Therefore, we must spend our time spreading love and not hate.

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