Everyone Is Up All Night

General populous of the world, I deeply apologize for what I said yesterday; you don’t suck. I did exactly what I didn’t want to do and made a huge over generalization. Middle school and high school got me stuck into the mentality that people are inherently evil. I’m going into my 3rd year of college now, and I do believe that mentality needs to die.

To be honest, I’ve been sort of living with a dual philosophy of the world and people for a while now. It seems like I have a residual negativity trapped inside me while I actually believe that humans are capable of great good and selflessness. We can create beautiful things and inspire others. We want to be together because we were made to be social animals; family animals.

I want to believe that this life is good; I am always looking for a silver lining. The trouble is that the world keeps disappointing me. Natural disasters and disease kill thousands every year. People fight and even kill because of pride and anger. I just know things could be better than this.

One of my professors once talked about how the kingdom of God is both here and coming. In God’s kingdom, everything is okay; actually it’s super awesome. Earth is a mess in a lot of ways, but there are a lot of good people trying to clean it up. That is how God is here now.

I can say that everything is good with me, and it is, but I’m part of the big picture too, and everything is not okay in the big picture. If I want to, I can make my one little pixel or brush stroke a little brighter, though, and so can anyone else. If we try hard enough, we can make the world shine so bright it will keep everyone up all night. The dark can’t fight love, and it certainly can’t fight God.

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