Star Wars, Spirituality And Sibling Polarity

It’s really quite funny and interesting to see the things that drastically different people have in common. Last night my brother and my friend and I spent several hours talking about Star Wars and nerding over untold story that isn’t shown in the movies. We did watch episode 1 last night, but before that we went to Barnes and Noble and got a couple books that explain a lot of stuff about Jedi and Sith philosophy, fighting techniques, etc.

The 3 of us had sort of forgotten how awesome Star Wars is until a couple weeks ago when my friend and I randomly decided to watch episodes 4 and 5. Since then we’ve been looking up back story and insights about the new movies.

The reason I bring this up is because other than Star Wars and a few other things, my brother and I have nothing in common. Last night I asked, “What do you think, Sam; Jedi or Sith?” (implying the question, which side would you be on). He said Jedi right away, and it makes perfect sense. Sam is very calm and analytical. He’s not super emotional, and he doesn’t really get super attached to things or people.

I said Sith because I am a very emotional, impulsive person sometimes, and I get very attached to people. I also don’t particularly like rules and I have a tendency to break them when I think they are stupid and it won’t hurt anyone to break them.

When we finally stopped talking about Star Wars last night, we got talking about physics because my dad had been watching a video about how to fix something on YouTube earlier on the night, so Sam decided to look up a slow motion video of a gun being shot underwater. The guy who shot the gun then explained the physics behind what was happening with the bubbles and I got a bit lost.

Sam said, “You don’t find that interesting?” Actually, I find physics incredibly interesting. I just can’t wrap my head around a lot of it. Trying to explain physics to me is like me trying to explain anything to Sam. I’m not good at explaining things for a couple reasons. I often use sound effects instead of words, and I use metaphors and analogies that only make sense in my head.

Somehow we finally got on the subject of God and I asked, “What do you think about God?” I really had no idea what my brother believes. I had tried to ask that question many times before, but for some reason I just thought it would sound annoying. Sam said that he believes that there could be a God, but he has no evidence to prove it or disprove it, so he has to leave it at “I don’t know.”

I’m not ecstatic about it, but I’d rather him say I don’t know than absolutely not. I don’t know means that at least he’s not opposed to the idea of God. The thing that bothers me a little is that God doesn’t seem to be a fan of the whole evidence thing. We shouldn’t need solid, tangible evidence of his existence because we have faith.

I guess the difference between Sam and I is that I’m willing to believe some things based on a gut feeling or things that I’ve experienced that seem to point to something supernatural, and I was looking for God. I was willing to believe that he was real because I wanted him to be. I think faith requires some imagination, not much of which Sam has. I don’t mean that in a mean way. He just finds the “real world” much more interesting than anything spiritual or fictional, which seems so backwards to me.

Compared to what I can read about or even just make up, the real world is awfully drab. It’s also too unpredictable. What I like about fiction is that you can count on the good guys to win; at least most of the time. Maybe that makes me an escapist, but I think it means I’m creative and I’m an optimist.

I think that truth and inspiration can come from fiction and faith where Sam thinks that only science can reveal all truth. We don’t talk about this stuff too much because we’re currently at an impasse and I wouldn’t be surprised if we always will be. When it comes to Star Wars, though, we are completely on the same page.

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