Being Someone Else

I’ve done 2 posts on my new “Dry World” blog, not including the “About” page. It was a bit shaky starting off, but I think I’m getting the hang of being Kithryd. I’m starting to understand how she thinks and what she wants out of life. I’ll admit she was based on myself when I got the idea for the blog and first started writing, but she’s already starting to develop qualities that are far different than my own. For one thing, she’s more snarky and sarcastic than I am. Her personality is just generally more serious. The biggest difference is that she likes math and wanted to major in engineering before the world fell apart. Just for the record, I suck at math and I don’t like it. It’s interesting trying to get inside a character’s head, especially when it’s a character you’re creating.

I’m taking a fiction writing class at school and right now we’re focusing on Character development. At first I was terrified at the idea of taking a fiction writing class because I thought I would be terrible at writing it. My first assignment was to write a story based around a strong character, so I wrote a story about a mother and daughter who have very strong and clashing personalities and who are forced to work together to decorate a house. Throughout the story I tried to hint at the fact that their relationship isn’t very good, and it ends very badly. I’ve only passed in my first draft, so there’s time to make changes, which I’m sure I’ll need to do.

I’m writing “Dry World” in the first person and I wrote my other story in the third person. I think I’m better at writing in the third person, but I wanted the blog to be authentic, which meant I didn’t have much of a choice. I just think it would be hard to do a blog from a third person perspective.

The link to “Dry World” is on the designated page. Please check it out. Feedback would really be awesome.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

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