I Finally Asked Her

Last night I asked my friend a question I had been meaning to ask her for a long time: “What would convince you that I’m right about God: rather, what would convince you that God is a real, semiconcrete figure and that Jesus is his son?”

Her response: “I don’t know. I’ve had one spiritual experience in the past, but it didn’t really convince me that one particular religion or faith was the right one. When I was younger my mom took me to church, and I went on a retreat with a group once. I ended up crying a lot when they were talking about God’s love because it was just crazy that despite all of my flaws and everything that he would love me so much. It didn’t convince me of anything else in particular, though.”

I told her about the time several years ago when I was feeling very lonely, and long story short, I prayed about it, and God made it better. My friend said, “You felt that God answered you. I’ve never felt that.” We were in the middle of a Breaking Bad marathon, and I wasn’t sure what to say after that, so I just sort of let it go from there. I hope she thinks about it some more, though. I prayed last night that she would believe somehow. I pray about that a lot. I try not to be annoying about it, but I just wish she could have what I do.

Earlier in the evening she had mentioned that sometimes she has trouble sleeping because she just starts thinking. She said she thinks about sexism and politics and things like that. I told her I have the exact same problem, only I think about weird spiritual and philosophical things. Maybe that has something to do with our spiritual differences. I don’t know. Anyway, I’m off to school in a few minutes. I start my play writing class today with a professor I had last semester for a poetry writing class. It should be super fun.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

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