City Of Lights

Hey everyone!

About a week ago I posted this video on YouTube, but didn’t think of posting it here. I wanted to get this song out to as many people as possible, so I thought I’d share it now.

It’s a little hard to hear, so you’ll have to turn up the volume quite a bit, but here it is!

City Of Lights:

The lyrics are on the video, but I’ll post them here as well:

I didn’t know them
The ones we lost
When shots were fired
In Paris that day
But all the same
There were names to faces
So from far away
I am truly sorry

But I know
The city of lights will forever shine
And I know
Their stars will be forever bright
They’re shining down
And there is hope tonight

These days it seems
It’s hard to stay sane
When the news is bad
And love is confusing
We can’t take for granted
Our mundane lives
‘Cause we make our plans
But we’re taken by surprise


Stories will be told
They won’t be forgotten
They stood for freedom
And with them we stand
So with pen in hand
We write our history
Refusing to live
Life on our knees


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