What I Want To Tell You

What I want to tell you is not what you will want to hear. I want to tell you that you should forgive him. I want to tell you that you should let it go; move on; live and let live. I want to tell you that Jesus loves you. I want to tell you that Jesus loves him, despite the things he’s done–despite the things they’ve all done.

I know you won’t want to hear that. I know you won’t believe it. It’s hard for me to believe it, too. But I do believe it. I may not like it, and I may not understand it, but I think it’s true.

I want to tell you that forgiving someone and allowing them to continue what they’re doing–what they’ve done is not the same. Forgiving means letting go of your anger, seeing someone as nothing more than a broken person, and moving on. Forgiving doesn’t mean going back. Forgiving doesn’t mean that what they did is okay. It means being free. It means no longer being defined by what happened to you. It means finally being able to love.

You don’t have to forget. In fact, you shouldn’t forget because what happened was important, and you can learn from it. Others can learn from it. Remembering makes you a better person because you won’t make the same mistakes.

I love you, and I want you to be happy. I want you to forgive and let it go, but I’m afraid to tell you. I’m afraid you’ll get mad. I’m afraid you won’t understand. I want to let you know that I’m praying for you, but I don’t know if that would mean anything to you, so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

10 thoughts on “What I Want To Tell You

  1. Forgiving, though not always easy, is so freeing. To feel hate is a terrible way to feel. I’ve learned to just “let it go.” All the years I’ve held that “hate” inside! I’ve forgiven anyone that’s ever done me wrong. I let that “hate” take over me, at one time. Just like you said, It doesn’t mean you have to like it or believe it. You never have to look at this person ever again. Let it go, and move on. Do not let “these” people derail you. It just feels better to forgive.:)

    1. Exactly! I won’t go into detail, but I have a friend who has had some really crappy stuff happen to her, and she just won’t let it go. It’s really hard to see sometimes.

      1. So, true. My dad was killed by a drunk driver when I was only 8. I wrote a post about the day I decided to forgive this son of a bitch that took my dad from me. I don’t have to like him, but for me, I had to forgive him, to set myself free. I was so amazed at how good that actually felt! Hate is so much more painful and doesn’t affect anyone, but me. It’s never easy, but ever so freeing once you can bring yourself to learn to forgive. I wish I had forgiven this son of a bitch a lot sooner.

          1. Consider it done and I’ll continue. Can you tell me your friends first name? It just makes praying for this person a little more personal. And, YES, I DO believe! 🙂 Sorry, it took me a few days to get back here. I don’t get on Word Press every day because of my many illnesses, but I get on as much as I can when I’m not feeling too bad. I’m actually not feeling well, at all, today. Just laying around, so that’s why I’m here today. Take care. xxx 🙂

              1. Julia it is……………praying………………done. Will do it again, later, and several times more til you tell me she’s okay. Nice to meet you Katie. My name is Tammy. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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