Let It Out

Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s something inside of me that I want to let out but I can’t. I know how to let it out, but I’m afraid to. I’ve had really bad writer’s block lately, and I feel like my prayers are somehow ingenuine or inadequate. Even though I know it’s not, it feels pointless. I feel like I have to let this thing out for things to change. I keep praying for opportunities and for the courage to do so, but I feel like I keep missing my chance or I chicken out right when I’m supposed to say what I need to.

My best friend is not Christian, and I respect that. We talk about religion and philosophy all the time, and we respect each others’ opinions. I want her to know Jesus, and I don’t think she knows that. All I want to ask is that she talk to God. She doesn’t even need to pray. Just talk. Just say “hi” and tell him how her day is going. Tell him what’s going on in her life. Just talk. I haven’t asked her to do this because I’m afraid of stepping over a line. I’m afraid she’ll feel like I’m pushing my religion on her. Part of me knows she wouldn’t react that way, but something is stopping me and it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t not share Jesus with her. I want to very badly. I just don’t know how to do it right. There probably sin’t a right way to do it. I’ve researched ideas and other peoples’ experiences with this kind of thing, and what people of other religions think. I’ve rehearsed what I would say in my head. I’ve waited for the opportune moment and repeatedly missed it. I need to do this because it’s messing things up. I’d really appreciate it if peeps would pray for me. Thanks in advance!

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

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