Life Is Weird

I’ve read a few blog posts by people who are self-proclaimed asexual, and I haven’t liked what I’ve read. I’ve read stories of people practically getting kicked out of their churches, and I’ve read stories of seriously weird ridicule. Just a couple months ago I didn’t really even understand what being asexual meant. Since when is not wanting or liking sex a bad thing? Since when is it an anti-Christian thing? Of course there’s the old pro-creation argument: people are supposed to get into heterosexual relationships and have kids.

My immediate reaction to the latter is “eww.” To clarify, I don’t dislike kids, I just don’t have the patience to deal with them, and I know I wouldn’t be a good mother. If I know I wouldn’t be a good mom, wouldn’t God want me to focus on something else for the betterment of his world? For the record, I have nothing against the traditional family. I live in one: Dad works at the bank, Mom stays home and takes care of the house and family stuff, and Katie and Sam hang out and do stupid stuff together.

I’ve read stories about people feeling nervous about “coming out.” I didn’t even know asexuality was something to be closeted. I don’t really talk about it much, but I don’t talk about sexuality much with people anyway. It just doesn’t come up. I just don’t understand why it’s weird. There are way weirder and more complicated things to be and do.

Yesterday my Dad took my brother and cousin hiking. Voluntarily climbing mountains for no good reason is kind of weird. Heck, most video games are pretty weird. Riding a bike is weird. Christianity is really weird when observed from an outside perspective. So how is having no interest in sex or finding it distasteful any weirder? Life is weird. It would be boring if it wasn’t. Let’s embrace the weird! All of it!

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

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