Hey, Why Aren’t You Trying To Save Me?

To be honest, I’m very bad at sharing my faith in public or in person, so I stick to the interwebz mostly.

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Uh, hold up. Stop for a minute.  Whaaaaat?

“Yep! If you really think I’m in danger of burning eternally, why aren’t you trying harder to convince me?” said the Atheist. “There should be a line across the street from my house!”

I found it very weird, when I came across this (paraphrased) question by an Atheist on his blog.  I could think of quite a few reasons why more people were not trying to break down his door to save him from eternal damnation.

  1. I’m quite sure a few good messengers had already been sent to him, who he disregarded and probably chewed up and spat out;
  2. There are many more people like him in desperate need of salvation, and if you had a choice between going to get chewed up, or going where you are more likely to get received, many would prefer to go where the grass is greener…

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