I just had a thought. Normally my main goal is to write about how God loves us. I’m not super interested in arguing about whether he exists or not. But here’s my thought: Skeptics (atheist or otherwise) question Christianity on the basis that God simply couldn’t have done the things he did (e.g. Walk on water, come back to life after dying, etc). Actually, it doesn’t matter if what he did was possible. He’s God. He ca do what he wants.

This is probably going to sound like a crazy brain fart. I know God exists. Even when I was really unhappy with the Church, I knew he existed. I’ve never been able to question whether or not he was alive and real. I literally can’t read things that argue for or against his existence because it’s a waste of my time. Knowing that Christianity was the right way to go was a much slower and more complicated process. That takes faith, but for me, God’s existence has never been a matter of faith. It has always been a fact.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!


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      1. I wasnt intending to imply that you do think we’re insane; it was more of a general, broad, comment to theists. I find a lot of people argue and look at atheists a certain way for their broad beleifs of how the earth came to be but expect us to just accept or find their differing beliefs to be logical. I think both sides lack empathy and perspective in many situations.

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