To tell you that I’m Catholic is to tell you not about “what” I am, but “who” I am. My relationship with my God is the most important thing in my life. Beyond that I can tell you that I’m rather opinionated–hence the blog–and I’m a songwriter and an aspiring poet. As a hobby I like to expand my horizons beyond the realm of words, so I sometimes paint, or make mosaics. I also love good story, whether I find it in books, or movies, or video games.

I am a self-professed nerd, and an introvert, but I like to hang out with close friends or family and complain about weird grammar in other languages, or wander around and look at the detail in tree bark. I love music, and I mainly listen to Christian music lately, but most of the artists and bands I would call “favorites” are not Christian, or not explicitly so, since their music is what I grew up with.

I love my parrot, who loves me and hates pretty much everyone else.

My favorite colors are (in order) red, indigo (purple), black.

My favorite food is buffalo chicken.

My favorite story is Lord of the Rings.

My favorite song is “Victory,” which I wrote, and I will not apologize.

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