I’m a really nerdy Catholic songwriter and author. That honestly sums me up pretty well on a basic level. I try to make my faith the central point of my life, but when I’m not actively focusing on obviously Christian stuff I’m either writing, reading or watching a fantasy something or other, playing D&D or some other game, or watching movies with my friends, working on a mosaic, or “curiosity questing.” Seriously, if I had infinite money, I would just be a student forever. I love learning and thinking about stuff.

I also have a pet parrot named Seamus, though he has several nicknames, which aren’t particularly endearing, the most prominent being: Demon Bird, El Guano, Mr. Poops, and Rotten Potato. He’s terrible. Actually, I adore him. He’s just very badly behaved. I tell him I’m going to eat him, but he knows it’s an idle threat.

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