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I have a little melody that I sometimes absently hum or sing without words when I’m going from class to class or getting my stuff out to do homework or playing a game with my bro and cousin (I know I said I was giving up video games, and I did completely for a while, but now because of school I hardly play anyway). So, I discovered a few days ago that there is a version of Garage Band for the iPhone, which gave me an idea. Yesterday I recorded my melody and spent who knows how long trying to figure out a harmony. I have it mostly figured out; there’s just one part at the end that’s giving me trouble. Once I figure it out though, I’ll record that harmony and then another, etc until I have at least 4 part harmony (although the key I picked might make that a bit tricky because of my range).

Anyway, FYI: the version of Garage Band I have is downloadable for $5. The quality of the recording on the iPhone 5 isn’t bad at all. I’m sure the 4 or the 4S are probably fine too. The trouble with it is you can’t make any recordings that are more than maybe 20 seconds long and it’s probably not even that long. I still think it’s useful for sketches or for practicing harmony and other things like that…. And it’s fun to play with. The other thing that I don’t particularly care about but that might bother some people is that there aren’t too many sound effects to play with. Since I’m just working on voice parts that’s no big deal. If I get a bunch of voice parts to work I might actually develop this further. It’s pretty much just a challenging game at this point.

Have a nice day, everyone. 🙂