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The Things I’m Thankful For

I know Thanksgiving was a couple days ago, but I haven’t had time to get to a computer until now.

My aunt did this “month of gratitude” thing where she had to post something she’s grateful for every day through the month of November. I thought I’d do my own list and share it with you guys.

1) My family… the huge, insane, lovable mess that it is
2) My friends… for introducing me to lots of good movies and music and for always being there
3) Music… for getting me through every allnighter and making me happy
4) Movies… because they are wonderful. Nuff said
5) My faith in God… I don’t know where I’d be without him
6) Coffee
7) Chocolate
8) My bed
9) The wood stove in my basement
10) Cute animals
11) My education
12) My mom’s accessible car (even though it’s falling apart)
13) My wheelchair
14) Electricity
15) Humor
16) My insane dreams
17) The ability to use language
18) The ability to make music
19) The ability to help others
20) Forgiveness
21) Love
22) Art (literature & visual art)
23) My medication
24) Technology (even though it insists on fighting me most of the time)
25) Video games
26) My eyesight (as crappy as it is)
27) My hearing (because it’s awesome and therefore I’m super good at eavesdropping)
28) Traditions
29) The sacrifices people make for me and for each other
30) The absurdly satisfying clicking sound my keyboard makes when I type

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!


Fear Of Failure

Failure is a very scary thing– not just failing in itself, but the prospect of it; the possibility that in fact, I can fail. I keep telling myself over and over that I can make it as a musician or I can make it as a writer, but I know that there is a very large possibility that I won’t. I think it’s this fear, however that stops me from getting ahead. I played at the Sad Cafe the other night and a guy who was playing after me came over while I was getting coffee to say that he really liked my set. I thanked him and said that whenever I play somewhere I feel like there are at least a few people who are infinitely more talented. He said he had the same problem.

There’s a line in a Bright Eyes song that says “I could have been a famous singer if I had someone else’s voice.” I definitely feel like that sometimes. I often feel that although my music matches my lyrics and my voice very well, and although people really seem to like it, I feel that I could be a lot better at both. This summer I decided I’m going to teach myself “Resolution” by Andy Timmons (see “Sneaky-Sneaky”) to at least get better at the guitar part of it. There’s not much I can do about my voice.

Today I’m just going to fight down my fear, bite the bullet and do some research. I know of a couple places I can pester already, and I’m going to look for a few more. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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Thanks! ❤


Coffee is a beautiful thing. For me, it is a necessary part of the process of existing. There is really nothing better than the smell of coffee right when you get up in the morning or at the end of a very long day. Drinking coffee is also the perfect excuse to sit down and do nothing for an hour or so (if you drink slowly and if you have the time to procrastinate, of course). Friday is my procrastination day, and it’s so nice to sleep in and slowly acclimate to being awake with a nice cup of coffee. I have a friend who I met last year in one of my classes who will be done with a cup of coffee before I’ve hardly drank any of mine. I just shake my head—armature.

If you brew your own, the choice of mug can make or break a coffee experience. If the mug you choose is too small, it can be very disappointing. Of course you can always top it off, but it’s not as satisfying as having the perfect amount in your cup. Having a cup that is too big can be a problem too because it can be disappointing to have to waste coffee, as well.

When buying hot coffee, it is crucial that you choose the right size as well, for the same reasons. Ice coffee is different however. Because it is cold, you can drink it over a longer period of time, so it is best to get the largest size you can. This is partially for the image factor. It is far more impressive to have a huge iced coffee rather than a small one.

Flavored and fancy coffees such as lattes and mochas are not for everyone, although they too can be good for your image. For example, it is far more impressive to go up to the counter at Starbucks and order a pumpkin spice latte than just a plain old cup of coffee.

Where you buy your coffee is also very important. Buying coffee from Starbucks is way cooler than buying it from Dunkin Donuts; however, it is the standard hipster venue. Around here (Reading Massachusetts) it is far cooler to buy from The Gingerbread Factory. They are not as well known as Starbucks but make very good coffee. However, the coolest places to buy coffee are places that no one has ever heard of. The only place I currently know of is a coffee shop at my school called Chester’s Place.

And now you know how to be a coffee connoisseur .