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I posted yesterday about my family’s Christmas party, and when I checked my email I saw that some people had come across my blog. Usually the people who read my blog are also bloggers, and I like to see what my readers write about. I’ve had all kinds of people read and like or comment on my blog and I just love to see the variety. It’s interesting because as a writer I’d like to cater to my readers, but that’s a difficult thing to do when you really don’t have a specific audience yet. Imterestingly I’ve got everyone from parents to artsy college students to pastors to philosophers to atheists. I’d love to find subject matter and a specific audience to work with. The problem is that I find the world and the people in it so interesting!

Considering the fact that the subject matter of my posts is all over the map, you may not even realize that I am primarily an aspiring writer. I thought I’d just talk about a couple other writing projects of mine in case anyone is interested. I have two book ideas that I will hopefully work on over Christmas break. The first idea is for a fantasy novel. I’ve started working on the first chapter already, but I need to work out some details such as names of specific places in the story. It’s basically about a civil war between the northern and southern regions of a fictitious country. The south uses magic, and the north uses advanced technology to fight. It’s told from the point of view of Kevin, a soldier who runs away from the northern army because he believes that they are cruel and immoral, Peter, an innocent prisoner of war who is resqued by Kevin and Kithryd, a girl who lives in the south near the border and raises dogs. She hides the boys and runs away with them when the north invades. I have a few chapters planned out in my head. I just haven’t had time to write stuff down.

My other book idea is one that my mom gave me. She’s actually going to be a coauthor. From her perspective It’s going to be about raising a kid with muscular dystrophy (me), and from my perspective It’s going to be about growing up with it. It should be a pretty fun project. We’ve always said life is an adventure and I think it will be pretty fun to write it all down. In some cases my mom’s perspective has been a lot different than mine, so that should be interesting to deal with.

Well, I think It’s time for massive quantities of coffee and homework. In that order. 🙂