Album Cover Part 3: Prototype

Well guys, I finally found Paint.NET. Rather, my brother found it, and of course it was right there in front of me. It runs in the family– my dad can never find the ketchup in the fridge even if it’s staring right at him.

Anyway, These are my first attempts to create my idea for the album cover. I actually did them fairly quickly, so it’s really just the basic idea. I definitely like the blue better at the moment. I’m not sure if the dark background and the white light is too much of a contrast or what, but I’ll try and figure it out when I have more time. I think it just needs another element, but I’m not sure exactly what that would be. I’m still not sure how I would do the silhouette that I mentioned in an earlier post, but maybe I don’t need it.

RMES Cover V1

RMES Cover V2

RMES Cover V3

It’s a little hard to read in the pic, but the text says “Replace My Empty Spaces.”

Comments would be great!

Thanks, guys! ❤