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A Voice For Peace

Hey guys.

This is really important.

I’ve been watching the news lately and I’ve been praying because it seems like we’re super close to going to war with Syria. I really don’t think simply sending some missiles over there is a good idea, nor will it be the end of our interactions with that poor country. It will lead to war, undoubtedly. These kinds of attacks always do. I do not believe that war is a reasonable answer to our problems any longer. Our weapons have become too advanced and dangerous and going to war with Syria will only lead to conflicts with their allies; something we cannot afford.

This is a time when we must set aside our differences, our religious views and our political opinions and band together to fight for peace. We must sing, play and write our hearts out so that our voices may be heard. If this is truly the United States of America; a country governed by the people for the people, then we do have a say, and we can make a difference. No one is too small or quiet to make a difference. You can help simply by blogging or making flyers to hand out at your work or school. If you agree that we cannot send missiles over to Syria, please “like” and reblog this post.