The Meandering Hat

I just checked my stats for this blog as I do every so often, and I discovered that I have 43 people following my wordy shenanigans! That’s just so cool! When I started this blog I wasn’t sure I’d get anyone to read it let alone follow it! I’m still not exactly sure why people are following me. I’m not sure what people like to read and what kind of posts get the most attention, but evidently people like my stories and my philosophical banter, so I guess I’ll just keep rambling!

The hope is that this blog might be helpful or somehow inspiring. I probably don’t achieve that as often as I would like, but the fact that you guys are following makes me think I might have few little gold nuggets somewhere mixed in with the poop.

I sincerely want to say thank you to you guys for reading, and I want to thank God for the success that I’ve had because He puts the words in my head when I don’t know what to write. If you have any advice for me from any perspective at all, please comment.