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Who Do You Trust?

Yesterday massively sucked. Our house cleaner comes every other Tuesday, which basically means I can’t work every other Tuesday because I’m out all day doing mind-numbing errands with my mom and brother and by the time we get home I’m kind of fried. Yesterday was a house-cleaning day. Usually we’re up and out of the house pretty quickly, but for whatever reason, we took what seemed like over an hour to leave. On top of that, we had decided to go to Flat Bread Pizza for lunch, which for us is in Salem. Salem is a pretty long ride for us, and by the time we got to the restaurant I was famished. This is probably sounding like whining so far, and under normal circumstances, it probably would be.

Shortly after we got to the restaurant I started feeling sort of sick, so I just sat still and figured I’d be fine once I got some pizza in me. Flat Bread is my favorite. However, shortly after I got my first piece down, my head started spinning, I started feeling faint, and then I got sick in my plate. We left after that and went to a gas station next door where I tried to keep down some chips and some Gatorade. I couldn’t even keep down the chips, and I could keep down the Gatorade for a while until we got almost back to our house. Then I got sick again in a container of wet wipes.

I was so dizzy I could barely make it to the bathroom on the second floor of our house (which is across from my bedroom) to get cleaned up before I slept for several hours. I did finally get up around nine PM and was finally able to eat some crackers and drink some Gatorade. I was also, thankfully, able to get my epilepsy pills down, and then I slept pretty well last night.

Today I got up feeling almost back to normal. I ate a pancake and some cheese and crackers and a bit of fruit before going to get my blood drawn (to make sure I’m not, you know, dying or anything), which went swimmingly, and then I got coffee with my mom, and I just finished writing the fifteenth story in my mythology.

It kind of seems like I’ve had more weird health issues lately. I had a thought a little bit earlier today. Is a cry for help a kind of worship? I’ve learned to say, when I ask God for help that I trust him. He did get me through yesterday, and yesterday was one of the worst days I’ve had in a quite a long time. A little while after we had left the restaurant I was feeling really crappy, and I told my mom I thought I should go to the hospital. Willingly going to a hospital is like admitting the worst kind of defeat for me. I have to be almost convinced that if I don’t I’m going to die. I’m not exaggerating. My whole family (on my mom’s side, anyway) is like that. Luckily my dad talked me out of it, but I prayed to God before we got home, and I said, “I don’t want to die, but I trust you, and whatever happens, I’m ready. Just please help me.” Now reading it, it sounds absurd. I’m twenty-four, but yesterday I was ready to die if that was what it was coming to.

I suppose this needs a bit of explanation. The symptoms I was experiencing yesterday seemed to be the result of really low sodium levels. One of my epilepsy medicines does deplete my sodium, which stinks because I’m also kind of a health nut, and a lot of salty things aren’t particularly healthy. Sure enough, though, once I got some crackers and Gatorade down, I was a lot better. I should also say that I’m only a health nut in the sense that I try to eat fairly small portions and ration the amount of actual junk food I eat. I also prefer, in general, to snack on fruits and vegetables, but I certainly don’t go overboard to the point that I feel like I’m missing out on something.

Still, none of this really answers my question. Is a cry for help a kind of worship? After yesterday I’m inclined to think so. I think it depends on whether one trusts God, and if one remembers that he’s there in the good times as well as the not so good ones. I remember our priest talking about this a handful of times in church when I was younger, before I had ever even accepted Christ, really. He said it’s so easy to remember God and to call out to him when we need something, but he’s not just here to give us whatever we need or want. He seeks our worship when things are going well because he loves us and he wants us to love him back.

While I was waiting for my appointment today I was trying to work through this in my head, and ultimately I had to realize that I keep asking myself the same questions over and over, which all boiled down to one: Am I worth dying for? In the opinion of the God I worship, I am. Part of that question is: How am I, one out of millions, and nothing special, worth it, and why am I worth it? I’ve decided to stop asking, though. I told him that in the waiting room. I’m done asking, and instead I’m just going to say, “I love you, too.”

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!


I thought I’d share some of my eating habits/tips because I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the last year or so. I think they work, because I really don’t exercise that much. I swim a couple times a week, but I really don’t try very hard.

I find large quantities of blue berries or strawberries make an excellent snack. Wheat Thins dipped in hummus are also a delightful and healthy snack. Pitta bread with hummus can also make a quick meal.

Here’s a tip. EAT JUNK FOOD! treat yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it. You’ll satisfy your craving and then you’ll move on. Here’s the thing; when you eat junk food, like cake or french fries or whatever, just don’t overdo it. I think a lot of people can make the mistake of eating too much of something because it tastes so darn good. Eat until you’re satisfied, not until you’re full even.

Salads are pointless! They’re not satisfying in any way! They’re boring to eat and usually not filling. A bowl of rice and veggies is just about as bland, but you can spice it up with cheese or olive oil or even just pepper. For starters it’s actually filling, and it doesn’t feel like you’re just eating boring old leaves. If you do decide to eat salad, forgo the dressing. It’s bad for you anyway, so it makes the salad kind of pointless.

Certain things are just not worth eating. These things include anything like potato chips and most sugary candies; basically anything most people would consider “snacky” is not worth it. Most cereals are not worth eating. They’re usually either unsatisfying or disgustingly sugary. In fact, I find Eggs to be the only actually satisfying breakfast food. You can be quite creative with them, so if you insist on eating something breakfasty, eat eggs. Here’s another general tip; don’t designate certain foods for certain meals. That gives you a lot more variety to choose from for each meal. Cold pizza really is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. Just try to include some fruit or vegetables in any meal. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It’s just good for you, so eat it!

Something that I’m sure is not unique to myself, is that I find eating to be a painfully boring task. This is partly why I just don’t eat much. I don’t feel like taking the time to eat a large amount of food. Portion size is definitely important. You should treat eating like anything else. Do it until you’re tired of it. If you’re bored before you’re full, stop eating. Your stomach will tell you when you need to start again. This may seem a little counter intuitive, but it’s okay to be hungry. It’s also okay to eat more or less than three meals a day. I usually end up eating two or one and a snack during the summer. During school time though, I usually will eat three and occasionally three and a snack. This is partly due to my sleeping habits during different times of the year. I get a lot more sleep when I’m not in school.

I’m sure this probably overlaps what actually smart people already know, but I hope it was helpful.

More mythology is on the way!