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Just A Quick Thought

earlier today my dad and I were talking about terrorism. I don’t rember what he said, but it was something like: “The terrorists should all be put in a box and given guns so the rest of the world can wait until they all eventually all just kill each other, and then they can all just go to hell.” It was more subtle than that, but that was what he meant.

My dad is very patriotic, and a little old school Catholic. In some ways, so am I. I mean my dad no disrespect. Jesus said to pray for our enemies. I don’t feel like it’s my place to condem them. They are bad people. They are wrong and broken. My dad said, “Not everyone gets saved, Katie, I know you want them to, but a lot of people aren’t getting past Saint Peter.” I do want them to be saved. I especially want the criminals and terrorists to be saved. I want the atheists and agnostics and people of other faiths to be saved. Not only that, but I believe they can be. Because I have to.