Album Cover Part 5: Effects On Glass

I’m taking a break from writing an essay about my theology of music. I decided to take one of the pictures I showed y’all in my last post and see what I could do with it. The original pic was a close up of a blue glass. I played around with some effects on Paint.NET, and this is what I came up with. It might not match perfectly with the theme of the album, but it looks pretty cool, I think.


I also made this one really quickly. I think I like the second one a little better.


Album Cover Part 2: Missed The Picture

It’s gray and nasty out today. I’m not exactly sure what white nastiness is falling from the sky now, but it was raining on the highway. I saw what would have made an awesome album cover on the way to school, though. I didn’t get a pic, which I’m so mad about, but I suppose I can try and recreate it. Picture a gray sky and a hill covered in snow with nothing behind it and a few scattered trees in front. I can’t quite put my finger on why I liked it so much. As soon as my brother gets home I’m going to figure out where Paint.NET went. I’m trying to schedule another recording session for Friday. In the mean time…. FRIED CHICKEN!!!!

Playing God

As a writer, I’m basically playing God. Spoiler Alert! My story starts out by me basically abusing one of my main characters. While I was writing about it, I felt awfully bad. I said to myself, “Self, this has to happen for the rest of the story to work out.” I wonder if this is how God feels when He lets bad things happen.

I’m a weirdo, so I read a bunch of stuff about the Biblical apocalypse online last night. People make it sound awfully scary. I guess it is sort of scary. I’ve had this weird interest in the end of the world lately. I guess it’s like being part of a story and wanting to know the end. Maybe knowing the end of a story before it happens isn’t such a good thing–unless you’re writing it, that is. Maybe knowing that you or your friend are going to die ahead of time isn’t such a good thing.

If you could know the time, place and cause of your death, would you want to? What if you spent the rest of your days trying to avoid it and in doing so, you made it happen? I don’t think I would want to know. At the same time though, if you knew, maybe you could bring yourself to peace with it and it wouldn’t be as bad or scary when it actually happened.

I’m a very present-oriented person. The past irritates me and the future scares me a little. I like to have a routine and I like my stuff the way it is. I don’t like change. When my mom said she was going to buy me an iPhone 5, I was thoroughly annoyed with her. I already had a working phone! I’ve since got used to it, though.

I do like learning new things, which is why I find photography fun. I need to get better at it though. Some of my pictures are blurry. I’ve been teaching myself a few new covers on guitar. I have a set list that’s comfortably 40 minutes long. If I practice a bunch I can probably play for 2 hours or so. I want to go work in the studio some more, but my friend has been ignoring his phone! I actually need to update the set list a bit. I’m going to do that now and then I’m going to write!

My Pictures

These are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken since I got my camera. I have more, but these are the coolest. Once I have enough to make a long enough slide show I’m going to post them on Zenfolio and put some of my music to it so that you guys can see and hear my stuff!

My dad and I saw these 2 in the parking lot while we were getting sandwiches on the way to Maine
My dad and I saw these 2 in the parking lot while we were getting sandwiches on the way to Maine
I took this last night with the lights off. I thought it had a cool effect.
I took this last night with the lights off. I thought it had a cool effect.
Hey look! Snow happens in Maine.... go figure!
Hey look! Snow happens in Maine…. go figure!
My friend, Lydia drew this on a chalk board in my Kitchen. I edited it a bit for fun.
My friend, Lydia drew this on a chalk board in my Kitchen. I edited it a bit for fun.
This lamp always makes cool shadows on the wall in our living room.
This lamp always makes cool shadows on the wall in our living room.
The first entry into the "Piles" project
The first entry into the “Piles” project

Well, that’s about it. I’ve also made many pictures from scratch. These are just 2 of my favorites.


I made this one using Paint.NET. It’s free and pretty fun to play with. I basically drew all the shapes around the heart with different shades of blue and purple and then blurred them all together.


The namesake of my blog…. This was really fun to make. I got a picture of a guinea pig off of Google and used a color changing tool to make it green. Then I got a picture of wings that was black and white at the time and used different shades of green that were in the guinea pig’s fur to fill it in. Then I cut the guinea pig off of one canvas and pasted it on top of the wings on another.


Some people really dislike clutter. I’ve never really minded it. In fact, I find it quite interesting. I think a person’s clutter can say quite a few things about them. My desk is currently covered with a few books left over from this semester, an enormous box of Reece’s peanut butter cups, my cross that I usually wear, my Kindle, a half-full, orange coffee cup (which I am currently drinking), my iPhone, a story that I wrote and printed out for my friend (which I still need to give her), my Bible, a pair of fingernail clippers, my favorite hat and my camera along with the box and instructions it came in/with. These things are all surrounding the computer that my brother made me. All that’s missing is my little box of guitar picks (which is downstairs with my guitars– go figure). If that was here, you would basically have me represented in stuff. Luckily I have an enormous desk. I also have a very small bed. My room is basically dedicated to hats and clutter.

The other day I started on my “Piles” project. Instead of making piles however, I just wandered around my house and looked for them. Although I wouldn’t call all of my photographs “Piles” in the way one would normally think of them, I did find some things that were “naturally” grouped together in ways that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. I’m going to include those because I think they are interesting and I think it’s probably ok to think outside the box a little.

Somehow I’ve managed to keep “busy” in the past few days even though I haven’t really been doing much of anything. I did go to the studio to start recording my song “Understand” yesterday. Other than that I’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching a lot of TV with my brother and cousin. I did spend a few hours writing a couple days ago, which was fairly productive. Long story short, I haven’t got the software for my camera on my computer yet, but once I do that I will get some of my pictures up for you guys to see.

The “Piles” Project

This one will be quick, but I feel compelled to write. I thought I’d mention an interesting project that I intend to work on over break. I’m calling it “Piles.” I’m basically going to take stuff I have just lying around the house and maybe some things from nature, and I’m going to make literal piles and photograph them. Some of them will be “themed,” but some will just be random piles. For whatever reason I’ve started taking interest in photography. I saw something in one of my classes today that would have made a cool picture. Someone had wrote the word “true” on a whiteboard in one of my classrooms. A girl in my class sat in front of it without knowing it was there and sat in a perfect position with a perfect expression on her face. I wanted to take out my phone and take a picture, but that would have been weird on many levels, I suppose. I don’t have a good camera. My mother insists on buying me an iPhone for Christmas even though I told her I don’t want anything. Supposedly the new one has a good camera, so I suppose I’ll see if she actually gets me one. I don’t know if she’s getting me one or not for sure, so if she doesn’t I’ll just splurge for once and buy myself a nice camera. My cousin’s girlfriend is into photography so I could ask her what she has. Once I have a few pictures I’ll post them. I’m going to make at least one Christmas themed pile. I have a lot of other ideas already. I only have a week of school left, so the end is near! 🙂

Well it’s about time to go to class, so that’ll have to be it for now.