Not Sure Why

I have a tendency to capitalize letters that don’t need to be capitalized. I think it’s just because I like the way they look better than their lowercase versions. For example, I like “G” so much better than “g.” I also like “O,” “C,” “D” and “P” much better than their lowercase equivalents. Whenever I’m writing I have a weird tendency to capitalize these letters when they don’t need to be capitalized. I almost invariably write “Guitar” when I’m supposed to write “guitar.” I only do it with certain words, though. I almost invariably write “good” when I’m supposed to write it like that. I also have a tendency to just leave “Caps Lock” on when I’m just talking to a friend on Facebook or something. Something that is very interesting is that on it’s own, lowercase “i” drives me crazy, but lowercase “j” does not. They’re almost the exact same letter, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I suppose it’s similar to how I like bright red but I dislike some darker shades of red.

Anyway, just a random tidbit I thought was kind of interesting. 🙂

40 Posts And Everything Else

This is the first morning in quite a while when I can just chill out for a bit and not rush like a crazy person to get things done. Ironically Wednesday is usually my craziest day. I do need to get some work done this morning, but at least I’m not in freak-out mode. I went to bed obscenely early last night (8:00 or 8:30, which is VERY early for me) and I got up around 6:45, which was very nice. Then I watched a bit of the news (which I usually find depressing) with my dad and my brother before they went off to work and school, and now I’m having coffee.

Incidentally, this is my 40th blog post. I think when I get to 50 I’ll get myself a pumpkin muffin from the gingerbread place down the street and throw myself a little party. Those muffins are basically cupcakes, and they’re SO GOOD!!!! Occasionally I’ll pretend they’re good for me and have one with my coffee on the way to school in the morning.

I do have to meet up with my presentation group today for my philosophy class. We’re presenting tomorrow and the question we’re attempting to answer is basically, “How do you define a person?” We had to read an article by this guy named Nagel, and he brings split-brain cases into the equation and sort of goes back and forth on whether they have two minds or one. We are presenting “bundle theory,” which basically says that “people” are simply a bundle of physical properties, mental states and experiences. What makes “people” different from animals is the fact that we have reason and we seek truth. We are also sort of arguing that there is no “mind,” there is only “person,” which I don’t even really agree with, but it’s the logical conclusion that we’ve come to and I’m mostly interested in getting an A on this. This class has pretty much convinced me that I should double major in Philosophy as well as English. Then if I go to seminary I can annoy everyone to death with Theology as well as the other two subjects under my belt.

Of course if I add a Philosophy major or minor I have to take logic. I may fail that class… (kidding of course), but I can be a bit irrational sometimes. Often, even if something “makes sense,” I’ll ignore it or refute it simply because I don’t “get it.” I’ve tried to understand The Big Bang Theory numerous times, and I just don’t “get it.” I don’t understand how the entire universe could possibly be contained in a “singularity,” or a “little mush,” as I like to call it. The only way I think it could work is if God put it there, which I think is a perfectly viable answer, but for some reason it still just sounds ridiculous. Plus if I accept this idea I have to figure out how in the world the Genesis story fits in. Evolution messes that up a bit too, but not as much, and I have an easier time dealing with it.

I originally wrote a few more lines in the last paragraph, but I decided to leave them out because they were basically a pointless digression. I’ve noticed that I tend to do that when I write lengthy blog posts. I often venture into the precarious territory of “What the heck was God thinking?” Half the time I can’t even articulate what I’m thinking, so I don’t know why I find it so freaking interesting, but I think it’s important. That’s as far as I’m going to go on that for now, at least.

I’ve often wondered about “swearing.” I used to think saying things like “shit” would automatically condemn you. Now I tend to think that words are just words, and it’s the intention behind them that really matters. I still refrain from saying most things other than “That sucks,” or “That’s freaking awesome!” or “What the crap?” I just think that most “bad words” are rather vulgar and uncivilized. There’s really just no need. I’m not saying I’m particularly “classy,” but I think the way a person speaks is important. I think the way a person speaks really defines them. I have one friend who will F-bomb everywhere just for the sake of F-bombing. I’ll admit that it can be funny at times. I have another friend who will usually swear for emphasis. She wants to get her point across! When I want to emphasize something, I usually add “Dude!” I actually think this can be less effective. The reason I bring this up is because my Philosophy teacher “swears” kind of a lot, but it’s FUNNY! He’s very good at it. He likes to make awkward situations, and we’re at the point where we understand that, so we just laugh. The best part is he’s a great teacher, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also argued with him a lot, which has been great fun. Maybe after a semester of his class I’ll be good enough at arguing that I won’t fail the logic class and I’ll actually be able to win a debate with my brother.