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Gordon, I Love You, But Sometimes…

Last night I saw a story on the news about Gordon College–my college. It was not flattering. The mayor of Salem Massachusetts has broken ties with Gordon; they will no longer be involved with the management of the Old Town Hall. This is because the president of Gordon, D. Michael Lindsey wrote a letter President Obama, along with several other religious organizations, asking to be exempt from a national law that clearly states, no business or organization can discriminate against anyone in the hiring process.

Gordon, along with the others were seeking exemption for religious reasons. Specifically, they were seeking the right to exclude members of the LGBT community from their hiring process. While this is the wish of the president, it is certainly not the desire of many of the students. Christian morality is important, but who defines it? It is both a communal and deeply personal faith, and thus, both aspects must be taken into consideration.

I read an article by Rev. Chuck Currie arguing that it is precisely these types of requests and actions that are in fact opposed to what Jesus taught. By openly requesting that they be allowed to exclude certain types of people, Christian organizations are showing the world that they are unwelcoming and judgmental. Perhaps they are not overtly so, and perhaps on an individual level the people at the head of these organizations are very nice to people of different sexual orientations. However, Currie cites the countless examples in history where religion has been used to oppress a specific group, whether it was women, African Americans or other groups. Now the target group happens to be anyone who isn’t straight.

I personally have a hard time with the issue of sexual orientation. Many of my close friends and family believe that it is inherently sinful because of specific Bible passages. However, these verses refer more to one’s conduct and fidelity than what type of person they are attracted to, in my opinion. Honestly, it just doesn’t seem to me that God would make people of different sexual orientations if they weren’t meant to be. Why would he allow them to happen otherwise? It used to be believed that disabled people were disabled because they were being punished either for their own sins or for the sins of their parents. I don’t know why I’m disabled, but I do know that God wouldn’t have made me if I wasn’t meant to be. God loves me, and he loves my gay friends too.

Many conservative Christians are afraid to give up their traditions. That’s fine. Tradition is great. However, one must be able to reconcile tradition and contemporary culture. Culture shapes religion; or at least it ought to. There are certain standards and beliefs of Christianity that shouldn’t and won’t change based on loyalty, selflessness, kindness and love. if one lives by these virtues, the rest can and should adapt. People tend not to like change. We all get comfortable in our own little worlds with our own ideas about what is right and wrong. The truth is there is only one Right and Wrong, and we’re only capable of knowing a little bit of that Truth. We are told not to judge so that we may not be judged. Obviously there are times when we know something is clearly wrong, but what about when it comes to gay Christians or philanthropic, upstanding atheists? It simply gets too muddled, in my opinion; at which point, I think it’s our job to be friendly and love our classmates, friends, coworkers, and whoever else we are in contact with in our lives.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!

The Big One

Yesterday I went to the studio and worked on my song “Nostalgia.” I talked with Ken and I told him that I’ve been thinking about having a release party at the Gulu Gulu cafe, which is a small venue in Salem that does open mics on Wednesdays.

Well, Ken told me that he knows a guy who books people in venues throughout the Boston area and said if I could promise a big enough crowd that he could get me a much bigger gig. If I get enough people I might be able to go second or third in a line up.

Within my family I could easily bring in 60 people. I could bring in a few neighbors and of course there are my friends. Before the big event I’ll probably go to a bunch of open mics and let everyone know what’s up. That might at least bring a few people. If any of you guys who read this blog are in the area I would love to have you.

I normally play solo at smaller gigs since I don’t have a ton of time to play live because of school, but for this event I’m going to try and get a band together. It will probably consist of myself on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ken on drums and my buddy Nate on either bass or lead guitar and possibly vocals. It’s looking like we’re probably going to need to find a bass player. Also, you can check out some of Nate’s originals here https://soundcloud.com/search?q=nate%20shaffer.

Unfortunately the album is only halfway done,  and I don’t really know when it will be finished, but I’m hoping to kick this thing into high gear and get it done ASAP. Yesterday we got a lot of work done on “Nostalgia.” Once that’s done I’ll have four songs to go, at least one of which should be a quick finish. Just thinking about this is exciting! If you guys are super interested I’ll  update more on the music side of life, but if not I’ll just keep writing about random shenanigans.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!