Hot Air Skyway

A couple nights ago I was playing an old racing game with my dad. We always go to the same 5 tracks and use the same characters. Last time I decided to be a penguin instead of a tiger, which was quite out of the ordinary, but nothing exploded. My dad and I always do a best-of-five tournament when we play this game, and we almost always end up having to do a tie-breaker race. We always go to the same track for the tie-breaker.

Well, the game was tied 2 to 2, and Dad said, “I bet if we went anywhere other than Hot Air Skyway the world would start turning in the wrong direction,” to which I replied, “Let’s test that theory.” I chose a different track, to which Dad jokingly objected, and I won. Then I said, “would you like to play Hot Air Skyway so time won’t stop working properly?” We played, and I won again.

I realized that we played Hot Air in part because it was funny, but also because a little part of me believed or wanted to believe that time really would get messed up if we didn’t. I thought as we were playing, “Wow, I actually am pretty superstitious. I want to believe all of the things!”

I’m not gullible, and in many cases I’m actually rather skeptical. I do try to have an open mind, but I tend to disregard things that disagree with my personal religious beliefs. I also know that I could be wrong about a lot of things. As I said, part of me really wants everything to be true. I think it might be because it would mean I had more understanding of how the universe works, and maybe even a little more control over my own little part of it.

I really did used to believe in magic. I also believed in ghosts and spirits. I guess it was partly because I was young; younger anyway. Still, I am very willing to believe things after I assess them intellectually. Something I had to learn however, was that it is impossible to believe all of the things, and one needs to choose something to guide one’s beliefs, whether that’s a particular faith or philosophy or what have you.

When I was in high school I went through an intellectual hurricane because I just believed whatever sounded interesting at the time. However, many things I learned about and wanted to believe often disagreed with each other. I also learned the hard way that I didn’t necessarily need answers, but I needed to have definite opinions and beliefs. It’s difficult for me to say I know the Truth. I believe I know what is True, but I also know that I know maybe 5% of things about God, Heaven, absolute morality, the afterlife, or even this life.

I have had dreams that have convinced me that God is real and that Jesus loves me and wants me to follow him. So many of my prayers have been answered, and I have had so many awesome spiritual experiences. I just wish I could somehow show my best friend what I’ve seen so that she could believe too.

I think part of the reason she doesn’t believe is because of things Christians have done and continue to do. We can’t hide from our past or present for that matter, but what people forget is that it isn’t the religion that is wrong or evil, but it’s the people who skew it and use it to further their own agenda or fuel their pride. Anyway, I could go on and on about this stuff.

I guess what I’d like to leave you guys with is that you should believe things. I know it can be difficult when so many things contradict each other, but faith in something can do so much good and can be so empowering. You don’t have to believe what I believe, but please, have faith.

Because in my world guinea pigs can fly!